Black Friday 2016 Ads

The first Black Friday 2016 ads started to leak on October 12. The Black Friday 2016 ads are listed below in the order they got released or leaked.  

Black Friday 2016 Ads

Harbor Freight Black Friday 2016 Ad

Half Price Books Black Friday 2016 Ad

Rite Aid Black Friday 2016 Ad

The 8-page Harbor Freight Black Friday 2016 ad has leaked on October 12. The ad is the first Black Friday ad of 2016. The second Black Friday 2016 ad, the Half Price Books ad leaked on October 22. The Rite Aid Black Friday 2016 ad leaked on October 25.

last updated: 10/12/16.

The most anticipated of all Black Friday ads is the Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad. We expect Walmart to publish the Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad on Friday, November 11.

Most major Black Friday 2016 ad  around that date. Best Buy and Target aim at beating Walmart to the punch and try to release their Black Friday ads just before Walmart comes out with their "Black Friday bible."

Black Friday ads have evolved over time and most of them are now interactive digital catalogs. Best Buy's Black Friday ad is even changing continuously until shortly before the Best Buy Black Friday sale begins. Traditional ads did not have that flexibility. Black Friday ads are also more useful now as shoppers can directly click through to more details or the purchase page.

To get ready for Black Friday, it is never too early. We have compiled everything you need to know about Black Friday 2016 in our Black Friday 2016 guide.

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