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21 Jump Street

Breaking News about 21 Jump Street:

Watch the new 21 Jump Street Trailer (NSFW).

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'22 Jump Street' Trailer Released

'22 Jump Street' Trailer Released
Watch the first NSFW trailer of the "22 Jump Street" which is a simple sequel of 2012's hit comedy "21 Jump Street". "22 Jump Street" will hit theaters on June 13, 2014.
Read more Dec 17 2013, 4:47am CST


Channing Tatum Eyes the Coen Brothers' Hail Caesar

Source: Latino Review

Channing Tatum looks like he may be the latest name to join the cast of Joel and Ethan Coen's, Hail Caesar. Variety reports that the 22 Jump Street star is negotiating to appear opposite the already-attached George Cloone ...
Full article at: Latino Review Jun 24 2014, 1:05pm CDT

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FX Acquires ’22 Jump Street’, ‘Fault In Our Stars’, ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, ‘Dragon 2′ & More

Source: Deadline

FX continues to build up its arsenal of film mega-hits, acquiring the TV rights to 22 Jump Street – last weekend’s No. 1 film – The Fault In Our Stars, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Neighbors, Amazing Spiderman 2, The Other Woman, Captain America 2, Noah, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, 300: Rise Of An Empire, Non-Stop, Ride Along, and Lone Survivor. The network also picked up How To Train Your Dragon 2, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Rio 2, Jack Ryan: Shado ...
Full article at: Deadline Jun 19 2014, 12:02pm CDT

22 Jump Street tops US box office

Source: BBC

Buddy cop comedy 22 Jump Street tops the North American box office in its opening weekend, taking $60m (£3 ...
Full article at: BBC Jun 16 2014, 4:16am CDT

22 Jump Street tops box office at $60M achieving second best opening of all time for an R-rated comedy

Source: Daily Mail

22 Jump Street, released on Friday, has won the Father's Day weekend race, topping the box office at an estimated $60 million. It's achieved the second best opening of all time for an R ...
Full article at: Daily Mail Jun 15 2014, 5:00pm CDT

The sequels have it: ’22 Jump Street’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ top weekend box office

Source: Canadian Business Online

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – In a summertime battle of sequels, a pair of kooky cops beat out flying dragons for the top spot at the box office. According to studio estimates Sunday, “22 Jump Street” debuted in first place with $60 million, with “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ opening in second with $50 million. The R-rated comedy “Jump Street” stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as bumbling undercover officers who pose as college students to bust a campus drug dealer. Hill also lends ...
Full article at: Canadian Business Online Jun 15 2014, 12:13pm CDT

Mo' Meta Blues: 22 Jump Street, Reviewed

Source: Deadspin

1. How much credit are we supposed to give a movie for being self-aware? 22 Jump Street is so self-conscious and nervy about its status as an unnecessary cash-grab sequel that it never stops bringing it up. There are multiple inside-baseball asides about how much more expensive missions are the second time around, and how you're supposed to do everything the exact same way as last time, and so on—all sorts of winking nudges. (It even begins with a bin ...
Full article at: Deadspin Jun 13 2014, 12:26pm CDT

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Review: '22 Jump Street' is a repeat

Source: cnn

If you loved "21 Jump Street," you're in luck: The sequel, "22 Jump Street," is t ...
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Channing Tatum Twerking in 22 Jump Street—Watch the Video!

Source: eonline

It's not Magic Mike material, but Channing Tatum does do some booty shaking in 22 Jump Street. And only we have the exclusive video to show you. In the clip, Tatum ...
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’22 Jump Street’ Is The Funniest Movie Of The Summer — Review

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’22 Jump Street’ hits theaters June 13, and while it may seem premature to say so, I can guarantee that it’s the funniest movi ...
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