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Allen West

Allen West

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Rep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during anRep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during anRep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during an

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Both Allen West and Sarah Palin Believe Obama Should Be Impeached

Source: Big Government

Rep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during an
Sarah Palin is saying what many in the Conservative world have been saying, and what  few Republican establishment types are afraid to say, impeach President Obama.  While there isn’t a smoking “cigar” that she can point at, in an op-ed she wrote for Breitbart News, Palin expresses her concern over the influx of illegal immigrants pouring across the U.S. southern border, making a strong case for why Obama should be impeac ...
Full article at: Big Government 10 hours ago


Allen West: Obama 'schizo' on Mideast

Source: WND

Barack Obama Meets With Prime Minister Tony Abbott Of Australia
WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is waging a “schizophrenic” Middle East policy that is aiding jihadists at the expense of people who believe in “liberty and freedom,” according to former U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla. West, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and went on to become a member of Congress, told WND in an exclusive interview that President Barack Obama has taken an “unnerving stance of siding with Islamists.” In calling Obama’s Middle Eas ...
Full article at: WND 11 hours ago

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Happy birthday, America ... from down under

Source: WND

Soles4Souls Presents A Sole-ful Evening, Sponsored By Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
By Andrew J. Ireland WASHINGTON – Calling Independence Day “the greatest birthday in the world,” Australian author Nick Adams, whose new WND book is “The American Boomerang,” is giving Americans a fresh set of eyes this July 4. A true de Tocqueville, Adams provides an outsider’s perspective on why America is the beacon of freedom and hope to world and why that greatness will endure. Internationally renowned for his work as a speaker, lecturer, author, and media commentator, Adams i ...
Full article at: WND 6 days ago, 7:28pm CDT

The boomerang the world's waiting for

Source: WND

John Kerry Unveils Portrait Of Condoleezza Rice At State Department
Americans have the chance to “begin the world all over again.” In many ways, they did. In many ways, they need to again. America must unite, and this is what must be done: end the waste; pay back the debt; limit the government; ax political correctness; keep the peace through unquestioned military power. Under this president, America has, as we say in Australia, gone walkabout. The Obama administration has been a monumental failure. America is less respected, weaker and more ...
Full article at: WND 6 days ago, 6:44pm CDT

Guess which U.S. right foreigners value most

Source: WND

Senate Holds Hearing On Increase Of Undocumented Immigrants At Southern Border
By Seth Johnson WASHINGTON — As America celebrates the 238th anniversary of the Founding Fathers’ decision to break from Great Britain, an outsider is telling WND it’s clear what made the unlikely revolution possible, and successful. An armed citizenry. “If the colonists had not had the means of defending themselves they would never have been able to throw off the chains of tyranny and bring forth a new birth of freedom on t ...
Full article at: WND 1 week ago, 7:01pm CDT

Kaboom! Ben Carson voices greatness of America

Source: WND

Leading Conservatives Gather For Republican Leadership Conference In New Orleans
Dr. Ben Carson By Andrew J. Ireland WASHINGTON – He’s the nation’s top brain surgeon, a New York Times bestselling author and possible 2016 presidential contender, and Dr. Ben Carson says Nick Adams’ brand-new book, “The American Boomerang” is “right on target.” Carson, a man known to be frank, made headlines with his instant viral keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Just feet away from President Obama, the neuro ...
Full article at: WND Jun 30 2014, 7:42pm CDT

Obama adviser reasserts U.S. is 'Islamic country'

Source: WND

Mohamed Elibiary An Obama adviser who ruffled feathers last year claiming the U.S. is “an Islamic country with and Islamically compliant constitution” is reportedly at it again. Mohamed Elibiary is a senior fellow of Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. According to a report from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, or IPT, Elibiary revisited his October 2013 tweet in which he claimed the U.S. was an “Islamic country,” explaining in another tw ...
Full article at: WND Jun 29 2014, 4:42pm CDT

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The Least Gracious Concession Speeches In Modern American Political History

Source: The Business Insider

Rep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during an
In American politics, every competitive election inevitably has a winner and a loser. Typically, after Election Day, everything goes smoothly and the loser congratulates the winner. However, that doesn't always happen. Tuesday's primary elections in Mississippi and New York provided two examples of this. The high-profile challengers to Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-New York) and Senator Thad ...
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Glenn Beck gushes over America-loving Aussie

Source: WND

Rep. Allen West , R-FL, speaks during an
By Andrew J. Ireland WASHINGTON – Nick Adams is described as an internationally renowned Australian speaker, lecturer, author and media commentator, best known for his work regarding American exceptionalism. He’s been given awards for his work, including an honorary citizenship in America. He’s spoken at conventions, military bases, schools and churches. And he’s impressed Glenn Beck. During an in ...
Full article at: WND Jun 20 2014, 9:01pm CDT

Republicans Attack Obama For Capturing Terrorist Involved In Benghazi Attack

Source: The Moderate Voice

George H.W. Bush Celebrates 90th Birthday With Skydive In Maine
One of the major attacks on Obama from the right was that they never captured those responsible for Benghazi–never mind how many people responsible for embassy attacks under Reagan and Bush were never apprehended, or that it was Obama that got bin Laden years after Bush let him escape at Tora Bora. Now one of those responsible for Benghazi has been captured. You might think that even Republicans would find this to be reason to celebrate, but instead m ...
Full article at: The Moderate Voice Jun 18 2014, 12:47pm CDT