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'An Evening With Mitch Winehouse' At The Hippodrome'An Evening With Mitch Winehouse' At The Hippodrome'An Evening With Mitch Winehouse' At The Hippodrome

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Here Are Every One Of Rock Band 3's 83 Songs
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Jenny McCarthy Engagement Ring: Not Small!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Jenny McCarthy is engaged to Donnie Wahlberg, as we reported yesterday. Suffice it to say, he didn't skimp when it came time to put a ring on it. The sometimes controversial 41-year-old View co-host her massive yellow sapphire bling on the morning talk show. Check it out from a couple of angles: Daniel Arik, the owner of Newport Jewelers, tells E! that he was commissioned to craft the ring specifically for Jen ...
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Tori Spelling: I'll Never Trust Dean McDermott Now!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Jenelle Evans Booking Photo
There's big money in becoming a reality TV trainwreck these days, so Tori Spelling is promoting her upcoming Lifetime series True Tori by revealing every ugly detail about her marriage to Dean McDermott. The actress recently told Us Weekly that she'll "never trust" McDermott again. Rumors that McDermott cheated on Spelling have been confirmed, so Tori certainly has plenty of reasons to doubt her husband of eight years, but ...
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Lily Allen dedicates new album to 'prisoner' Amy Winehouse


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Lily Allen has revealed that her new album Sheezus is dedicated to Amy Winehouse, whose iconic Back To Black album was released in the same year as Allen's debut. In an interview with The Telegraph, Allen revealed that the album will be dedicated to her musical contemporary, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011. "She was not in a great place when we knew each other, so I don't feel I knew Amy: I knew a version of Amy." she told ...
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Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Lily Allen: Lily Allen Pays Homage To Kanye West And Amy Winehouse

Source: Prefix

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Lily Allen, who shamelessly titled her new album Sheezus recently announced, in an interview with The Telegraph, it is also dedicated to Amy Winehouse. Allen admitted she didn't know Winehouse very well and didn't elaborate too much on the dedication.  The unabashed Allen who's bared it all stated she gets her inspiration from other artists' work, as mentioned in the intervie ...
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Still missing Amy

Source: The Moderate Voice

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Life creeps up on you, man. I don’t understand how it is that I am 27 years old because it feels like I was 16 just yesterday. And in little ways, I feel older than my age – I no longer even attempt to seek out new music, I’m content in the songs and album of the past – they are always better, right? But not long ago, the present had a superstar who I adored – Amy Winehouse. Hindsight is cocky son-of-a-bitch, it always tells you the truth after ...
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Amy Winehouse's father dismisses hologram world tour rumors as 'utter rubbish'

Source: Real Bollywood

People wave the English flag before the
New York, March 31: Amy Winehouse's father has rubbished rumors reports that a hologram of the late singer would be ...
Full article at: Real Bollywood Mar 31 2014, 1:29am CDT

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Tropico 5 Releases Next Month w/ Pre-order Discounted 28% & Bonus Game
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Amy Winehouse's Hologram Will Not Be Touring Around The World

Source: The Huffington Post

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
On March 28, UK newspaper The Sun reported that billionaire entrepreneur Alki David had purchased a patent for the 3D technology used to construct Tupac's hologram, and was planning a posthumous world tour for Amy Winehouse's image. A source told the paper: ''The plan is that Amy will finally tour the world after failing to do so when she was alive. ''With an orchestra and her hologram, she can take to the stage and fans can see her perform her legend ...
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Amy Winehouse's father denies hologram world tour


Amy Winehouse's father has denied reports that a hologram version of Amy Winehouse is to be created for a world tour. It was reported yesterday by The Sun and other publications that billionaire digital media entrepeneur Alki David planned to create a hologram version of the singer, which would embark on a world tour. David recently purchased a patent for the 3D computer technology used to create the famous Tupac hologram which appeared at Coachella in 2012, ...
Full article at: GIGWISE Mar 30 2014, 8:32am CDT

Amy Winehouse's family blocks bid to sell her handwritten lyrics in ownership row

Source: Daily Mail - UK

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Paper copies of the lyrics to Love Is A Losing Game and a Valentine's card written by singer Amy Winehouse have been pulled from auction at Bo ...
Full article at: Daily Mail - UK Mar 29 2014, 7:03pm CDT


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