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Andrea Bocelli

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Andrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti WeddingAndrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti WeddingAndrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti Wedding

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Veronica Berti Weds Andrea Bocelli

Veronica Berti Weds Andrea Bocelli
While she is marrying for the first time, her husband-to-be already has two sons from a previous marriage. Veronica Berti has wed her old singer friend Andrea Bocelli.
Read more Mar 26 2014, 10:16am CDT


Kanye West: A Blowfish Who Married His Dinosaur

Source: The Superficial

Andrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti Wedding
Kanye West is GQ‘s cover interview for the month of August, and so naturally that comes with a goldmine of quotes about how he’s a blowfish, making art by literally sawing a bar in half in front of your wedding quests an hour before the ceremony, and marrying his dinosaur who’s also a fighter jet or something. The main point is that Kanye doesn’t do uncool shit because anything Kanye does will eventually become cool beca ...
Full article at: The Superficial 3 days ago, 12:52pm CDT

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Kanye West Talks Wedding Rumors, Kompares Kim Kardashian to a Dinosaur

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Andrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti Wedding
Sit back and get comfortable, THGers. Kanye West is featured in the August issue of GQ, touching on topics with the magazine that range from his wedding to his baby to... the movie Step Brothers? He also gushes over Kim Kardashian, comparing his wife to a “fighter jet or dinosaur” because someone with her “body,” “face,” “style,” “money” and kindness is so “rarely seen.” This is Kanye West at his best/most utterly ridiculous. Scroll down for his take on a myri ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip 3 days ago, 11:02am CDT

KANYE WEST Addresses Rumors In Interview & Compares Celebrity To Racism African Americans Faced In The 1960s

Source: I'm Not Obsessed

Andrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti Wedding
If you were following all the rumors around the Kimye wedding, then you heard about Kanye West reportedly sawing a bar in half because he didn’t like how it looked, having them put a couple of pieces of wood on it, and then telling the workers it was a work of art. Kanye decided to clear the air in an interview. He has an… interesting view on how celebrities are treated, comparing them to how African Americans were treated in the 1960s. RELATED: Kanye West explains h ...
Full article at: I'm Not Obsessed 3 days ago, 10:30am CDT

A toxic mix for legal professionals: pressure and perfectionism


BMI Zoom Dinner - 2014 Park City
Kevin Chandler has a unique understanding of his peers in the legal profession who are struggling with substance-use disorders: He knows they’re at higher risk, he’s been there himself, and he’s willing to put a face on his own recovery to help them and others.Chandler, of White Bear Lake, a longtime lawyer and former state senator and now a consultant for nonprofits at dotorg, said his alcohol use was progressiv ...
Full article at: Jul 2 2014, 8:47am CDT

Kanye West & Annie Leibovitz Release Joint Statement Regarding Wedding Photos!

Source: Just Jared

Kanye West Sighting In Prague
Kanye West and famed photographer Annie Leibovitz have just released a joint statement about not teaming up for his wedding photos! “Kanye West’s comments about Annie Leibovitz while speaking at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival have been taken out of context and sensationalized,” the statement said. “Although Kanye expressed frustration that he was not able to collaborate with Annie Leibovitz at ...
Full article at: Just Jared Jun 19 2014, 2:00pm CDT

Sweet Swirly Love: Kimmy Cakes Says She Thinks She And Kanye Will Be In Their Honeymoon Phase Forever Ever [Video]


Forever is a mighty long time… but Kim Kardashian West is convinced she and Kanye will stay in their honeymoon phase ALWAY because they treat each other like every day is their birthday! Kim Kardashian Reveals Details About Marriage To Kanye West, Parenting Style Kim spoke about her wedding and marriage to Kanye West for the first time Wednesday at a party during the Cannes Lions festival. Via MailOnline: Speaking for the first time ...
Full article at: Jun 19 2014, 8:23am CDT

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Chuck Knoblauch Arrested for Assault
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KIM KARDASHIAN She Will Have “Eternal Honeymoon Period” With Kanye West

Source: I'm Not Obsessed

Andrea Bocelli And Veronica Berti Wedding
Marriage has not slowed Kim Kardashian down One Bit! Just a couple of days ago we say pics of Kim in New York City after spending the past weekend in Tennessee while Kanye West performed at Bonnaroo. Now here’s Kim in Cannes, France at the MailOnline Cannes Party! RELATED: Kanye West says wedding pic had to be perfect because of Kim Kardashian’s importance to the internet. Kim sounded like a gushing newlywed when she spoke the press after working the red carpet. I feel as though we’ll always be ...
Full article at: I'm Not Obsessed Jun 19 2014, 7:30am CDT

Andrea Bocelli Marries Veronica Berti

Andrea Bocelli MarriesVeronica BertiAndrea Boceli Marries Veronica Berti
They have been together over 12 years
Read more Mar 25 2014, 3:47pm CDT


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