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Gallery : ARGUS

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Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh PiratesChicago Cubs v Cincinnati RedsBoston Cannons v Denver Outlaws

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CeBIT 2010: Impress your Telco with the new ARGUS 145 Plus DSL Tester

CeBIT 2010: Impress your Telco with the new ARGUS 145 Plus DSL Tester
German intec unveils a new compact all-round tester with the ARGUS 145 Plus. The new handheld tester supports VDSL2,...
Read more Feb 17 2010, 9:06am CST


Flush with features, short on accuracy

Source: CNet

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
Using the iPhone 5S M7 processor, along with integrating third-party apps, Argus is a well-rounded activity ...
Full article at: CNet Jun 24 2014, 7:47pm CDT

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Apple airs new TV ad “Strength” focused on wearables and fitness apps (Video)

Source: 9to5Mac

Powerade PGA Assistant's Championship - North Region Qualifier
Just a few hours after a report claimed that Apple was moving its TV advertising in house, the company debuted a new ad during the Stanley Cup Finals. The ad is part of Apple’s “You’re more powerful than you think” campaign and focuses on using your iPhone to track your fitness progress. The ad is set to the song “Chicken Fat,” performed by Robert Preston. The track was originally written for Pre ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac Jun 4 2014, 8:46pm CDT

Petaluma’s Only Female Firefighter Resigns Amid Sexual Harasment Allegations

Source: CBS San Francisco

Karl Lagerfeld 'The Glory Of Water' Exhibition Opening
PETALUMA (KCBS) — Petaluma’s sole female firefighter turned in her resignation this week amid allegations that she was possibly sexually harassed and that her living conditions in the fire house lacked adequate privacy, according to anonymous sources familiar with the department. Andrea Waters was only the second female firefighter in Petaluma and had been praised by the department’s fire chief for her dedication an ...
Full article at: CBS San Francisco May 30 2014, 3:34pm CDT

UKIP Councillor Refuses Council-Enforced 'Equality' Training After Free Market Dispute

Source: Big Government

In a 'two-fingers up to the establishment' gesture, UKIP councillor Donna Rachel Edmunds has shot back at her local authority's insistence that she needs "equality training" following her claim that business owners should not be forced to serve anyone they don't want to. In the battle of liberty versus state-imposed "equality", Ms Edmunds contested that "all business owners, Christian, Muslim, gay, straight, should be allowed to ...
Full article at: Big Government May 29 2014, 11:44am CDT

Officials exploring kitty litter as cause of radiation leak

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates
Carlsbad, N.M. • A mysterious radiation release that has indefinitely shuttered the federal government’s only permanent nuclear waste dump may have been caused by a change in the type of kitty litter that is mixed with the toxic waste. That’s one of the theories that officials are exploring as they investigate the Feb. 14 leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project in southeastern New Mexico that contaminated 2 ...
Full article at: Salt Lake Tribune May 13 2014, 5:01pm CDT

The Dramatic Storm Photography of Mitch Dobrowner

Source: Pop Photo

Photo by Mitch DobrownerThis daring weather chaser shares his tips for capturing the perfect storms In 2005, Mitch Dobrowner picked up a camera again after a long layoff. In that time, Mother Nature has not been shy when dishing out intense weather and Mitch has made it his business to capture it. You can see more of his impressive work here.   How’d you get started? As a teenager in the early 1970s, I was mainly about fast cars, motorcycles, women, and ...
Full article at: Pop Photo May 13 2014, 2:49pm CDT

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Reese Witherspoon Plays a Makeup-Free Role in Wild
Reese Witherspoon Plays a Makeup-Free Role in Wild
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29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song Viral Video Debunked
29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song Viral Video Debunked
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6 Facts To Know About the Amazon Drones
6 Facts To Know About the Amazon Drones
Amazon has asked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for an exemption from rules prohibiting the use of drones for commercial purposes.  With this request, the company has signaled that they are serious about transitioning the idea...

I4U Deal: Argus Quickclix 3270dv 3.2MP Pocket DV Digital Camera

I4U Deal: Argus Quickclix 3270dv 3.2MP Pocket DV Digital Camera
Today the I4U Shop offers the Argus 3.2MP pocket camcorder at a low price of $115.35. We beat by $2 on this...
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