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Jake Gyllenhaal attends 'Enemy' Madrid PremiereJake Gyllenhaal attends 'Enemy' Madrid PremiereJake Gyllenhaal attends 'Enemy' Madrid Premiere

new low on ArmA 2: Combined Operations - only $11.99

new low on ArmA 2: Combined Operations - only $11.99
If you've heard about the Day-Z free zombie slaying mod you may be interested today's deal from Gamefly. The ArmA 2:...
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Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
Ulcerate, Inter Arma, Car Bomb: From Robotic Empire: Two groups of hellbent hessian heathens have joined forces for this mighty split EP. Richmond, Virginia is home to a lot of metal bands, but arguably two of the finest up-and-comers have paired up for this killer platter of 7″ wax. BATTLEMASTER and INTER ARMA both debut on vinyl for the first time with this new offering; two choice cuts on side A and one lengthy bruiser on the flipside. Shredding guitar players, inh ...
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Arma 3 Zeus DLC is out now

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Athletics Australia Announce Commonwealth Games Squad
The free downloadable Zeus content for Arma 3, which adds D&D Dungeon Master-style tools that you can play god with during live multiplayer games, has been released.Game Masters view the battlefield from the sky, perhaps on a chariot of clouds like the Greek god Zeus that the DLC is named after. And yes, you can call down lightning - on goats if you like.Game Masters have a powerful real-time editor at their disposal that can spawn units, erect structures, set objective ...
Full article at: Eurogamer Apr 10 2014, 9:26am CDT

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Idris Elba Becomes Dad Again
British actor Idris Elba has become a dad again. Elba’s girlfriend Naiyana Garth gave birth to a baby boy, named Winston Elba, on Thursday.
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Lara Spencer Gains Ground as Co-Host of GMA
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