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Black Hole Phenomenon Described

Black Hole Phenomenon Spurns Laws of Astrophysics
The phenomenon of a black hole in outer space is something which spurns all the laws of astrophysics. In fact, it goes against the very grain of science and the scientific.
Read more Nov 28 2013, 2:40am CST


New Pandigital Tablet Is No Kindle Fire

New Pandigital Tablet Is No Kindle Fire
This one will soon be forgotten
Read more Oct 10 2011, 2:00pm CDT

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Lightning DOES strike twice and other shocking facts

Source: Daily Express

THE UK was struck 100,000 times by lightning in just 72 hours over the weekend. With more storms forecast for later in the week what do we know about this spectacular and often destructive force of nat ...
Full article at: Daily Express 10 hours ago

Golla Supernova 13" Laptop Sleeve for $4 + $4 s&h

Golla Supernova 13" Laptop Sleeve for $4 + $4 s&h
Today only, offers the Golla Supernova 13" Notebook Sleeve in Green Khaki, model no. G361, for $3.95...
Read more Oct 8 2010, 5:40am CDT

Suddenly, the sun is eerily quiet: Where did the sunspots go?


The sun has gone quiet. Almost too quiet. A few weeks ago it was teeming with sunspots, as you would expect since we are supposed to be in the middle of solar maximum-the time in the sun's 11- ...
Full article at: 13 hours ago, 5:10pm CDT

Thunder, lightning and tremendous downpours follow Sky Blues to Italy

Source: Coventry Telegraph

'It was actually the second time they had been soaked to the skin in the space of a ...
Full article at: Coventry Telegraph 18 hours ago, 11:43am CDT

dnp Supernova Epic Screen has Curtains like in the Cinema

dnp Supernova Epic Screen has Curtains like in the Cinema
The Supernova Epic Screen by dnp denmark promises to bring home true movie theater experience. The new Supernova Epic...
Read more Nov 17 2007, 11:00am CST

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Bio Inc. Game Review
Bio Inc. Game Review
Bio Inc. Biomedical Simulator is a revolutionary game that has been developed by the illustrious DryGin Studios. With no more than a week after its official release, it is a game that will enable you to have the first-hand experience of maneuvering with numerous infections on a victim’s body.
Dota2 Best Players Win $5 Million in Gaming Contest
Dota2 Best Players Win $5 Million in Gaming Contest
A Chinese team NewBee has won $5 million in Dota2 gaming contest that was held between the best players of the online game.
Atom Run Game Review
Atom Run Game Review
The Atom Run application is a retro-futuristic action filled platform game from the Finger Lab team. It is filled with adventure that takes you to the future where all life forms have been wiped out to extinction.

Two women set record-setting ocean trip to Hawaii

Source: Star Advertiser

Just ahead of lightning and thunder, two women ended a grueling 61-day voyage in a rowboat across the Pacific on Saturday night, s ...
Full article at: Star Advertiser 1 day ago, 4:54pm CDT

Second amateur photographer captures BT Tower lightning strike on video

Source: The Birmingham Mail

Terry Morris sent in this clip which was recorded from a high-rise flat in Harborne on Saturday morn ...
Full article at: The Birmingham Mail 2 days ago, 6:10am CDT

UK prof wants a plasma TV tax

An economics professor at the University of Westminster in England thinks that the UK should impose a tax on plasma TVs...
Read more May 16 2007, 2:00am CDT


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