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What is In Taiwan's Huge Hardware Closet?

Wearable Devices: What's In Taiwan's Huge Hardware Closet?
I’ve made a record number of dead-end queries this month to find out who’s making wearable devices in Taiwan. Maybe the...
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Asus PadFone X gets detailed by AT&T

Asus Padfone X gets detailed by AT&T
AT&T has released the exact hardware specifications of the Asus PadFone X. Let's dig in.
Read more Mar 28 2014, 6:02am CDT

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Asus Eyeing Mass Market in Indonesia for Its Smartphones

Source: The Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. Taipei-based ASUSTeK Computer, one of the biggest producers of notebooks and motherboards, has released its Intel-based ZenFone smartphones to Indonesia, betting that consumers will seek alternatives to popular brands such as Samsung and Sony. “We are pleased to bring this device into Southeast Asia. We believe the best technology is the one used by the masses. When we began our journey ‘in search of incredible’ [products] we came up with this handset with the hopes it can be e ...
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Tablet Comparisons

Tablet Comparisons
When a smartphone is too small and a laptop is too big, many people find that tablet devices are just right!
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Stuff Tripping: In Jakarta with the Samsung Galaxy S5


Alibaba To Kick Off IPO In U.S.
What better way to test a phone's camera than to take it out on a field trip? We were in Jakarta witnessing the launch of Asus' new ZenFone range, and though the schedule was so packed that we didn't really have time to explore, the hotel and its surroundings were more than adequate for us to see what the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera could do. We took the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera for a whir ...
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Asustek apologizes over ZenFone pricing blunder

Source: DigiTimes

Chairman of Taiwan's ASUSTek Computer In
Asustek Computer has apologized to Taiwan's consumers for a difference in prices and specifications for its ZenFone smartphones sol ...
Full article at: DigiTimes 15 hours ago, 3:22am CDT

Best Laptops: Top 10 Best Seller Laptops

Best Laptops: Top 10 Best Seller Laptops
The list of best seller laptops is long and it include some truly remarkable models. Given below is the list of top 10 best sellers laptops on Amazon.
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Tropico 5 Releases Next Month w/ Pre-order Discounted 28% & Bonus Game
Tropico 5 Releases Next Month w/ Pre-order Discounted 28% & Bonus Game
El Presidente makes his return in May. The MSRP is $39.99, but an instant discount and coupon combination drop the pre-order to $28.80.

HTC and Asus hot at Spring Computer Expo

Source: eTaiwan News

The HTC One Skatepark At Selfridges - Launch Photocall
The Taipei Spring Computer Exhibition opened in Taipei on Thursday. This year’s expo features PCs, mobile, and wearable devices from companies such as HTC ...
Full article at: eTaiwan News 18 hours ago, 12:58am CDT

Asustek expects to ship over 1 million ZenFone smartphones in 2Q14, says CEO

Source: DigiTimes

Asustek Computer has launched its ZenFone smartphones for pre-orders in China, Taiwan and Indonesia and expects to ship more than one million units in total in the second quarter of 2014, according t ...
Full article at: DigiTimes 18 hours ago, 12:50am CDT

Smart Watch Industry to be Led by Google

Smart Watch Industry to be Led by Google
The smart watch industry is all set to be led by Google in the future. This appears to be a good sign and will invigorate the wearable market even more so.
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