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Avril Lavigne in TaipeiAvril Lavigne in TaipeiAvril Lavigne in Taipei

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8 things you need to know about Avril Lavigne's totally bonkers new music video

Source: 3am: Gossip Gone Toxic

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
Everything you need to know about Avril's brand new, slightly offensive, very unusual song H ...
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Avril Lavigne's new video divides fans and critics as she embraces Japanese culture with bizarre Hello Kitty theme

Source: 3am: Gossip Gone Toxic

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
The singer's new dubstep/pop rock single has been unveiled with a very colourful promo that has had a m ...
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Avril Lavigne Swagger-Jacks Gwen Stefani 10 Years Later...

Source: The Daily Swarm

Avril Lavigne in Taipei
Avril’s latest video for “Hello Kitty” is abusively tired with the drone-like backup dancers and the whole Japanese vibe. There’s a lot of clichés, but in a way, it’s genius how difficult it is to watch. Via Bullett: You know what I love about Avril Lavigne? I keep getting older and her weird shtick stays the same age. That age in question here is somewhere between Gwen Stefani’s mid-2ks Japanese appropriation period, and circa 2010 dubstep. But, as I’ve ...
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WATCH: Avril Lavigne official ‘Hello Kitty’ video is a disaster


Avril Lavigne in Taipei
Avril Lavigne unleashed the official video of her new song “Hello Kitty” on the Internet today and people are upset. It’s bad. It actually got worse as it went along. The cupcake skirt is only the beginning. Perhaps this is the Rebecca Black comeback strategy. I blame Chad Kroeger. Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty (Official Video) from VEVO on Vimeo. For more videos and news please visit Avril Lavigne ...
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Why Did You Do This To Us, Avril Lavigne?

Source: The Stranger

Berlins Dungeons Host Singles Night
Avril Lavigne has never been an icon of artistic integrity. At her best, she sang relentlessly catchy mall-pop. At her worst...well, at her worst, there's the video for her new song, "Hello Kitty." Avril Lavigne is turning 30 this year. That's all I could think as I watched this video and listened to this atrocious song which, if you listen carefully, is layered on top of a keening whine of apathy. She's turn ...
Full article at: The Stranger 13 hours ago, 6:25pm CDT

Avril Lavigne's new video is just the latest cultural-appropriation atrocity

Source: The Week

Avril Lavigne in Taipei
In what is sadly just the latest in a long tradition of pop stars appropriating other cultures, Avril Lavigne has decided to swap out her "sk8r girl" vibe for a new, artificial, and totally "kawaii" one.Avril's latest single, "Hello Kitty," is a pop-dubstep nightmare of nonsense in which the 29-year-old channels her inner Ke$ha and sing-talks about slumber parties and spin the bottle. In the video, the Canadian singer shouts random Japanese wor ...
Full article at: The Week 17 hours ago, 2:39pm CDT

And You Thought Marrying The Guy From Nickelback Was The Worst Thing Avril Lavigne Ever Did

Source: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition

We Day Vancouver
Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne co-wrote "Hello Kitty", proving once and for all that theirs is an unholy union. Lots of people online are saying the video is racist, but we think it's just bad. Like make your eyes and ears bleed bad. Lavigne and Kroeger have said t ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: Canada Edition 17 hours ago, 2:29pm CDT

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Avril Lavigne Just Put Out The Most Cringeworthy Music Video Of The Year

Source: Buzzfeed

Avril Lavigne in Taipei
It’s called “Hello Kitty” and apparently Chad Kroeger helped write it… This is the video for "Hello Kitty," the newest single from Avril Lavigne. View Entire List › ...
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13 Stock Photos That Express Our Feelings After Watching Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' Video

Source: AOL News

Avril Lavigne in Taipei
We could write about Avril Lavigne's new music video for "Hello Kitty," or we could just show you all these stock photos that express our feelings after watching it. Just ... uh ... bear ...
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Avril Lavigne Tries to Go Big in Japan for ‘Hello Kitty’ Video

Source: Mix 96-5

Avril Lavigne in Taipei
Self-infantalization has always been a mainstay of Avril Lavigne’s personal brand, but as she starts creeping towards 30 she’s decided to take a page from Gwen Stefani’s book and insert herself in a culture that absolutely reveres that sort of thing: hello, Japan. In a candy-colored music video that looks like it was shot in an It’s Sugar store, Lavigne is flanked by Japanese background dancers who appear to be dressed like pastel Oompa Loompas. These ain’t no hollaback girls. Hell, they’re ...
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