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Bank of America

Breaking News about Bank of America:

$9.3B BofA Settlement

$9.3B BofA Settlement
It’s been an expensive road to recovery for Bank of America as the company settles yet another multi-billion mortgage...
Read more Mar 27 2014, 2:48am CDT

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Jump On Tomorrow: @HiddenCash, Levi’s Stadium Opens, Cespedes Shirts, ‘Caturday’ In The Mission, Museums Free For BoA Customers

Source: CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KBCW) — Return of @HiddenCash. Jason Buzi, aka @HiddenCash, the millionaire who stashes money in public places around the Bay Area, then tweets the locations, will be hiding money in Pez dispensers on a San Francisco beach. In an e-mail exchange with KPIX reporter Joe Vazquez, Jason promised to reveal the location to his Twitter followers at 10 a.m. Saturday. He also told Joe that this would be ...
Full article at: CBS San Francisco 14 minutes ago

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Credit Card Offer Addressed To 'Lisa Is A Slut McIntire'

Credit Card Offer Addressed To 'Lisa Is A Slut McIntire'
The junk mail world is off to a rough start in 2014. Just weeks after a man in Chicago received an upsetting OfficeMax...
Read more Feb 6 2014, 6:26pm CST

Wall Street sees an opportunity in baby boomers

Source: Market Place

Fed up with hearing about millennials? So is Wall Street. At the moment, an enormous amount of energy and money at America’s biggest financial firms is focused on a very different generation, with trillions of dollars at stake: Big banks want baby boomers, big time. Boomers are hot targets for banks and financial advisers eager for a slice of their retirement savings. While wary of Wall Street’s aggressive sales pitch, more and more older Americans feel they coul ...
Full article at: Market Place 7 hours ago, 4:25pm CDT

America’s Most Hated Banks

Source: Truth Dig

In a list of major banks reviled by American citizens in order of volume of complaints, Bank of America takes first place, followed by Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citibank. The data comes from a project launched in June 2012 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The idea was to give customers a public place to “lodge complaints against banks and financial institutions they believe are ripping them off,” writes Erika Eichelberger ...
Full article at: Truth Dig 10 hours ago, 12:36pm CDT

Banks And Google Stay Strong As Stocks Look For Lift

Banks And Google Stay Strong As Stocks Look For Lift
It seems like everyone is up in arms about a 1% pullback after an almost 30% gain last year, but to me it looks like...
Read more Jan 7 2014, 8:26am CST

Jesus Take The Wheel: Chicago Employee Shoots CEO & Then Kills Himself After Being Demoted


Demoted Chicago Employee Shoots CEO Before Killing Himself A disgruntled Chicago man reportedly took his own life inside a Bank of America office building recently after opening fire on the CEO that demoted him. via AOL News A demoted executive shot and critically wounded his company’s CEO before fatally shooting himself Thursday inside a high-rise office building in downtown Chicago’s bustling financial district, police said. The worker pulled a gun after entering the ...
Full article at: 15 hours ago, 7:46am CDT

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Chris Pratt Leads Guardians of the Galaxy To Interstellar Hit
Chris Pratt Leads Guardians of the Galaxy To Interstellar Hit
Guardians of the Galaxy's looking to make over $75 million this weekend, with over $11.2 million in the late night previews alone. Figures are still pouring in, but Chris Pratt's promoting the movie just like a Star-Lord.
Reggie Bush Not Slowing Down in 9th NFL Season
Reggie Bush Not Slowing Down in 9th NFL Season
Detroit Lions running back and nine-year NFL veteran Reggie Bush isn't slowing down, per the Lions' official website.
Tony Parker Signs 3-Year, $43.3M Extension
Tony Parker Signs 3-Year, $43.3M Extension
San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker signed a three-year, $43.3 million extension on Aug. 1.

Scalper prices signal stronger interest in Carolina Panthers

Source: Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area

Six weeks before the Carolina Panthers’ home opener, team executives say early sales trends point toward the likelihood of extending the NFL team’s 114-game sellout streak through another season. All but two Carolina home games (182 of 184) have sold out since 74,000-seat Bank of America Stadium opened in Charlotte in 1996. Those figures include exhibitions and playoff games. Carolina opens its home schedule on Sept. 14 against the Detroit Lions. Bef ...
Full article at: Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area 17 hours ago, 6:11am CDT

For Financial District Workers, Shooting Sparks Chaos, Tension — And Questions

Source: CBS Chicago

(CBS) – As heavily armed officers secured Chicago’s financial district, thousands of workers at 231 S. LaSalle St. were pulled into the drama Thursday. CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports. “I was thinking I was in a movie; it didn’t seem real. You go to work one day and there’s a shooting,” Stefano Alfredo said Thursday. Watching the emergency unfold from a neighboring tower, Ambaj Sharmar, worried about his brother ...
Full article at: CBS Chicago 1 day ago, 4:58pm CDT

Michael Dell buys Dell for $24.4 billion

Michael Dell buys Dell for $24.4 billion
It is official Dell is going private.
Read more Feb 5 2013, 9:13am CST


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