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Barney Frank

Breaking News about Barney Frank:

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Internet Gambling Legislation Announced.

Internet Gambling Legislation Announced.
Following up yesterday's article, we'd like to report that Congress is introducing two new bills today that would "...
Read more May 6 2009, 3:00pm CDT


Shady Bolitics: Republicans Demand More Subprime Loans For Black People Who Can’t Afford Them


The GOP goons have found yet another way to try and screw over minorities….just before the midterm elections. Some people just hang themselves… Republicans Push For More Subprime Lending To Minority Borrowers Effects from the subprime mortgage lending crisis that jumpstarted the 2008 recession are still being felt today, but despite the obvious need for continued regulation on lending to borrowers who aren’t financially qualified to replay, the GOP says lend away. via Huffington Post ...
Full article at: 4 days ago, 8:26am CDT

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Here's Why Wall Street Reform Is Still in Limbo

Source: Mother Jones

Four years ago today, with a who's who of congressional Democrats standing over his shoulder, President Barack Obama signed into law the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, hailing it as the answer to preventing future financial meltdowns. "For years," the president said at the signing ceremony, "our financial sector was governed by antiquated and poorly enforced rules that al ...
Full article at: Mother Jones 6 days ago, 3:16pm CDT

Barney Frank: Hillary Clinton Is To Barack Obama's Left

Source: Real Clear Politics

BARNEY FRANK: People should go back to the 2008 primary campaign, where he was in fact supportive of Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. Obama was more to the left of Hillary in the kind of impression and sense that he was the counter-cultural candidate. But on substance, for instance on healthcare, go back, Paul Krugman kept documenting that Hillary Clinton was ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics 6 days ago, 11:29am CDT

Political world reacts to MH17 crash

Source: MSNBC

Steve Kornacki, Keir Simmons, and Kristen Welker report on the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, the status of the investigation, and possible additional sanctions on Russia. Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa., former Rep. Barney Frank, ...
Full article at: MSNBC Jul 19 2014, 8:01am CDT

Israeli ground offensive intensifies

Source: MSNBC

The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank continue their discussion on the implications of Israel’s ongoing ground campai ...
Full article at: MSNBC Jul 19 2014, 7:49am CDT

Israeli reinforcements sent to edge of Gaza

Source: MSNBC

NBC’s Richard Engel reports from Gaza on the ground offensive launched by Israel. The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank discuss.Read more ...
Full article at: MSNBC Jul 19 2014, 7:38am CDT

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Cortana Leaves Siri Behind in New Windows 8.1 Phone Ad
Cortana Leaves Siri Behind in New Windows 8.1 Phone Ad
Siri vs. Cortana - Happy Anniversary is the title of the new ad that Micorosft launched recently for its latest Windows 8.1 operating system for mobile devices.
Candace Cameron Bure poses in a Bathing Suit
Candace Cameron Bure poses in a Bathing Suit
She used to appear in the 80s series Full House. Candace Cameron Bure posed recently in a two-piece bathing suit on the beach.
The ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B Laptop is a Great Back to School Laptop
The ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B Laptop is a Great Back to School Laptop
ASUS X551MAV-EB01-B Laptop is available at Amazon for $249.00. Featuring a full-sized 15.6 inch HD display and the latest Intel dual core processor, the ASUS X551MA is the perfect everyday notebook with the performance to tackle any task you throw...

Barney Frank Urges LGBT Community To Vote Against Gay Republican Candidate

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- The campaign for Massachusetts' 6th Congressional District has received a significant amount of national attention this cycle, in large part because Richard Tisei, the challenger in the race, could become the first openly gay Republican elected to Congress. Tisei received a nice boost in February, when the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund endorsed him despite the fact that incumbent Rep. John Tier ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 26 2014, 4:53pm CDT

Credit-rating reform — the star of Franken's new ad — has been slow to kick in


Sen. Al Franken's latest campaign ad highlights his work on reforming the way securities are rated for creditworthiness.WASHINGTON — Sen. Al Franken’s third television ad of his re-election campaign is another wonky one, diving headlong into the often-arcane world of financial reform.Franken’s ad, a $130,000 buy on Twin Cities television, recalls Congress’ 2010 attempt to respond to the economic crisis by regulating the financial industry. T ...
Full article at: Jun 25 2014, 9:50am CDT

Queer Issue 2014

Source: The Stranger

Queer Issue 2014: How to Make Sure We Don't Leave Trans People Behind by Dominic Holden It's true that the United States has had a banner year for marriage equality—yay!!!!—but marriage equality is not the finish line in the march for LGBT equality. It's not time to pull up the ladder, clink champagne glasses, and declare ...
Full article at: The Stranger Jun 24 2014, 9:52pm CDT


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