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VW Beetle Turns 65

VW Beetle Turns 65
Volkswagen's pop car known as the Beetle celebrated 65 years of its existence in America this month. The very first Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle hit the US shore in New York City in January 1949.
Read more Feb 1 2014, 12:31am CST

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Stink Bugs Count Stopped

Stink Bug Count is Stopped
This is the time of stink bugs but the Great Stink Bug Count project is paused due to government shutdown. But you can get rid of these stink bugs by taking some precautionary measures.
Read more Oct 4 2013, 8:24am CDT

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The iBeetle 2014, a Car with a Difference

The iBeetle 2014, a Car with a Difference
In Shanghai Auto Show Volkswagen will introduce an iBeetle 2014 version, this fantastic car is pioneering in the auto industry in equipping the interface between iphone and Beetle.
Read more Apr 22 2013, 5:16am CDT

Road test: 2014 Honda Civic Coupe EX

Source: Driving Canada

Mercedes-Benz Celebrates 125 Years At The James Beard House
Overview The 2014 Civic two-door continues Honda’s redemption act Pros Excellent fuel economy; premium interior; lots of high-tech goodies Cons Rivals offer more power and refined ride and handling Value for money Excellent What would I change? Less lifestyle “connectivity” for more on-road “connectivity” After taking a ten-count knockdown punch from automotive critics with its half-baked 2012 Civic makeover, Honda has been coaxing its best-selling compact l ...
Full article at: Driving Canada 17 hours ago, 10:23am CDT

Volkswagen The Bark Side Super Bowl 2012 Ad Teaser Video released

Volkswagen The Bark Side Super Bowl 2012 Ad Teaser Video released
Volkswagen kicks off the promotion for their highly anticipated Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad featuring the new Beetle.
Read more Jan 19 2012, 6:41am CST

Volkswagen Suspends Sales Of Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta, Passat

Source: Toyota Tundra Reviews

If you're in the market for a new Volkswagen, your choices just got a little slimmer: according to Detroit News the automaker has ordered dealers to stop selling some 2014 models of the Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta, and Passat. The stop-sale only affect vehicles that (a) are equipped with VW's 1.8-liter, fou ...
Full article at: Toyota Tundra Reviews 5 days ago, 9:00am CDT

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 Ad features Beetle

Volkswagen Super Bowl 2012 features Beetle
VW announced a 60 second Super Bowl 2012 Ad staring the new 2012 Beetle.
Read more Dec 20 2011, 7:54am CST

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