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Breaking News about Billboard:

Twitter Partners with Billboard to Launch Real-Time Music Charts

Billboard Partners with Twitter to Launch Real-Time Music Charts
Billboard and Twitter are going to create real-time charts for the US music lovers. Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts will actually use Twitter data to track the real-time U.S. music conversations. These charts will go live on Billboard in coming weeks.
Read more Mar 27 2014, 12:31pm CDT

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Diet Coke's Latest Ad Features A Man Whose Nipple Has Been Airbrushed Out For Some Reason (Scott Bryan/BuzzFeed)


Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed: Diet Coke's Latest Ad Features A Man Whose Nipple Has Been Airbrushed Out For Some Reason  —  What is wrong with this advert?  —  It's a new Diet Coke ad, which you can find in magazines and on billboards across the UK.  —  Look a bit closer.  —  Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed  —  That's right. ...
Full article at: Jul 15 2014, 6:55am CDT

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Robin Thicke's Low Paula Album Sales Explained: "It Was a Perfect Storm of Issues," Says Expert

Source: E Online

It's safe to say that Robin Thicke's latest album Paula was not-so-successful. According to Billboard, the 37-year-old singer's album sold only 24,000 c ...
Full article at: E Online Jul 14 2014, 3:21pm CDT

Jesus Tattoo Billboards Placed

Jesus Tattoo Billboard Campaign Ensues
What appears on the billboards is a man resembling Jesus Christ with tattoos all over his upper body. The Jesus Tattoo Billboard Campaign ensues with the hope that people will get the real message behind the imagery.
Read more Oct 12 2013, 4:03am CDT

The Strain Watch: Night Zero - He Is Here

Source: cinema blend

The Strain is here, and along with it an extended premiere of horror. If you were one of those people that freaked out at the billboards, you might want to read th ...
Full article at: cinema blend Jul 14 2014, 8:35am CDT

EPA New Brick in the Wall

Source: Earth 911

Over the past few weeks here at, we’ve discovered all kinds of cool new sustainable construction projects. We’ve talked about billboards that produce water, a poem that eats pollution, and today I have a discovery to add ...
Full article at: Earth 911 Jul 9 2014, 12:55pm CDT

FX Pulls Gross "The Strain" Billboards

Source: Complex

Worms in eyeballs apparently do not bring in viewers. ...
Full article at: Complex Jun 30 2014, 2:38pm CDT

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iPhone 6 will not have Sapphire Cover Glass
iPhone 6 will not have Sapphire Cover Glass
New supply chain analysis suggest that there will be no Sapphire Cover Glass on the iPhone 6.
Philadelphia Phillies Release Tony Gwynn, Jr.
Philadelphia Phillies Release Tony Gwynn, Jr.
The Philadelphia Phillies released outfielder Tony Gwynn, Jr., the son of the late San Diego Padres legend, on July 28.
The Best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 Photos
The Best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 Photos
Comic-Con 2014 is over and had a huge line-up of celebrities, but the real stars are the fans doing cosplay. See below the best CosPlay Comic-Con 2014 photos.

The Strain's Disturbing Billboards Removed Following Complaints

Source: cinema blend

It's one thing to use a creepy-gross poster to market a horror series online, but it's apparently quite another to take the same approach with billboards. FX's billboard for The Strain succeeded in getting people's attention, but it wasn't getting the right kind of attention, as complaints about the disturbing image of a worm working its way i ...
Full article at: cinema blend Jun 29 2014, 2:37pm CDT

Beatport CEO to step down

Source: Music Week

Beatport CEO Matthew Adell will be leaving his position at Beatport and moving over into an advisory role at parent company SFX. Speaking to Billboard, a spokesperson said: “His vision and dedication has helped make Beatport the company it is today, and we wish him well in all his future endeavours.” Electronic music portal Beatport was founded in 2004 and then acquired by EDM conglomerate SFX in 2013. It underwent a large round ...
Full article at: Music Week Jun 25 2014, 6:17am CDT

CBS To Roll Out Bluetooth Billboards

CBS To Roll Out Bluetooth Billboards
Kudos to CBS. They're really embracing the digital world. In September, you'll be able to watch Katie Couric's...
Read more Aug 25 2006, 3:00am CDT


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