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British Army Working On Force Fields

British Army Working On Force Fields
Okay, so this doesn't quite fall under the purview of consumer electronics or gaming, but it DOES qualify as science-...
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The Burning Of Long Kesh & The Murder Of Hugh Gerard Coney, Internee.

Source: The Pensive Quill

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Former republican political prisoner Nuala Perry with a piece on the book launch of The Flames of Long Kesh. The launch was hotted by by The Joe Mc Kelvey 1916 Society Tyrone. The book was first printed in 1974 and reprinted in October 2013.Abstract:On October 15, in the early evening, a crisis developed in Compound 13. A prison officer over stepped the accepted procedures and forced the hand of the O.C. into implementing a long-standing procedure whereby an ‘undes ...
Full article at: The Pensive Quill Apr 7 2014, 3:00am CDT

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British Army musicians flash mob playing ‘Colonel Bogey’s March’

Source: Human Events Online

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
The flash mob video is one of the coolest thing on the Internet. Here is a video posted October 2013 by the British Army showing British Army musicians entertaining unsuspecting shoppers in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, with a flashmob performance of the “Colonel Bogey March.” Fifty professional bandsmen from The Band of The Prince of Wales’s Division (regular soldiers) and The Band of The Royal Welsh (reservists) performed the famous march, by Kenneth Alford, in the sunshine before ...
Full article at: Human Events Online Apr 6 2014, 4:52pm CDT

Report: British Army Sniper's Single Shot Kills Six Taliban

Source: New Hampshire Public Radio

A shot fired by a British Army sniper at a suspected Taliban fighter in Afghanistan last December killed not just the man in the marksman's sights but also five other men who were thought to be militant soldiers, The Telegraph reports.News of the unidentified sniper ...
Full article at: New Hampshire Public Radio Apr 1 2014, 8:57am CDT

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