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Caffeine Use Disorder is a Real Disorder

Caffeine Use Disorder
The DSM-5 has included Caffeine Use Disorder among its labyrinthine list of mental disorders. This occurs in the case of at least half the caffeine addicts on the planet. They face it as a very real addiction since they just cannot do without their daily dose of coffee, tea or soda.
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Caffeine Use Disorder is a widespread health problem

Caffeine Use Disorder is a widespread health problem
Caffeine is the number one stimulant in the world. It’s cheap and widely available, too. But a new research shows that Caffeine Use Disorder is becoming a health problem.
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How coffee can keep workers honest

Source: Fortune

New York Knicks v Sacramento Kings
People who get too little sleep are prone to go along with unethical practices at work, a study says -- unless they ...
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Monster Drinks Face Challenges Despite High Sales

Monster Drinks Face Challenges
The cost price of Monster drinks has skyrocketed so that it is currently three billion dollars richer than in previous times. However, the company faces challenges despite a high sales volume. The effects on health are a major hurdle for the beverage firm.
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7 frightening facts about caffeine

Source: Herald Sun

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (C) li
CAN’T get through the day without downing several cups of this liquid gold? You could be doing your body way m ...
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Hills Market adding Johnson’s ice cream shop, Crimson Cup coffee

Source: Business First of Columbus

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Two local brands are getting more business with Hills Market Downtown. The Discovery District grocery store,  which opened at 95 Grant Ave. a year ago, is adding an ice cream shop and ready-made coffee. As is the store’s local-supporting fashion, it tapped Bexley-based Johnson’s Real Ice Cream to bring the ice cream and Columbus’ Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea to brew the coffee. The space inside the market will be ready for business Friday. The scoop shop ...
Full article at: Business First of Columbus 1 day ago, 10:43am CDT

Monster allegedly marketing energy drinks to children

Monster allegedly marketing energy drinks to children
Energy drinks have been linked to numerous health problems including heart palpitations, headache, anxiety, vomiting, dizziness, and even deaths. Two lawyers are now working together to battle the market's biggest energy drink maker.
Read more Jan 14 2014, 10:19pm CST

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Best Place to Grab Coffee: Blue House Coffee

Source: State Press

The sun rises over the Tempe campus shining bright on the Blue House Coffee cart. It’s 7:30 a.m. and Sam Beger and Nick DiPastena have already wheeled to work, or rather, wheeled their work—a self-made bicycle cart—to the corner of College Avenue and University Drive. The boys are ready to begin another day of serving up coffee and tea to the regulars on their daily commute. From left to right: Sean Degrader, manager of operation ...
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The Netflix Of Caffeine Gives You Unlimited Access To Indie Coffee Shops

Source: Fact or Design

Oh my god let the binge drinking commence.New Yorkers are about to get waaay more caffeinated. CUPS, a subscription based coffee app that started in Israel in 2012, launched this week in New York City, offering an unlimited monthly coffee plan redeemable at more than 30 indie coffee ...
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How A Little Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory

How A Little Caffeine Can Boost Your Memory
If you’re trying to commit a set of items to memory, you may want to give your brain a bit of caffeine. But how you...
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