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Cate Blanchett Wins Best Actress Award at the BAFTA Awards

Cate Blanchett Wins Best Actress Award at the BAFTA Awards
Cate Blanchett looked absolutely stunning at the Bafta Awards 2014. She won a curly haired golden mask for the category of Best Actress. Cate especially mentioned the late Philip Seymour Hoffman but forgot to name the director of her movie. Her black dress with metallic designs emblazoned on its front was the ultimate personality-enhancing fashion statement.
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BAFTA Awards 2014 was an Event to Remember

Bafta Awards 2014 was an Event to Remember
The BAFTA Awards 2014 was a memorable occasion alright. It was an event that marked intense competition between the cast and directors of two movies in particular: Gravity and 12 Years a Slave. 12 Years a Slave will be remembered as the winner.
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The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden, and then to the movies

Source: The Huffington Post

Here's a new film--just opened this weekend--you should try not to miss: a strange and fascinating documentary set in the Galapagos. Who knew that some of these islands, about 600 nautical miles west of Ecuador, were inhabited? Not only that, one of them was the scene of events far too farfetched to be compared with fiction--it would be way too much for one novel. And the mysterious disappearances at the heart of this tale h ...
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Oscars 2014: Oscar Nominations for Best Actress

Oscars 2014: Oscar Nominations for Best Actress
The 86th Oscar nominations for best actress in a leading role were announced last night by Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and actor Chris Hemsworth in the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. The 2014 Oscars will go live on Sunday, March 2, 2014, at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT.
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Black Widow vs. The Boy's Club: Give Marvel's Leading Lady Her Own Movie!

Source: The Huffington Post

Scarlett Johansson SodaStream Partnership
Regardless of the depths of one's personal investment in the current crop of superhero movies, it's hard to deny the level of ambition put forth by Marvel in the curating of their ever-developing cinematic universe. With a brilliantly orchestrated series of films that led up to last summer's crossover blockbuster The Avengers, and a subsequent slew of motion picture and television endeavors that followed, the scope of ...
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Check Out the Quidditch-Like Sport in How to Train Your Dragon 2


Premiere Of HBO's "Silicon Valley" - Red Carpet
DreamWorks Animation has released a new clip from How to Train Your Dragon 2 which shows a Quidditch-like sport but with dragons and... sheep? Check it out below and come back on Monday for the entire first five minutes from the film. Opening in theaters on June 13, the sequel is voiced by Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Kit Harington, Cate Blanchett, Djimon Honsou, America Ferrera, Jon ...
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Why You Need To Watch The 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Why You Need To Watch The 2014 Golden Globes Red Carpet
It is bound to be the ultimate red carpet showdown. The 2014 Golden Globes that is. Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslett,...
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Al-Qaida Militants Killed Soldiers in Algeria
Al-Qaida Militants Kill Soldiers in Algeria
Al-Qaida militants killed 14 Algerian soldiers on Saturday night in an ambush.
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Judy Greer Celebrates her Planet of the Apes Wedding
Judy Greer celebrated her Planet of the Apes-themed wedding. She is to appear in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes soon.
Emotient's Sentiment Analysis app.for Google Glass
Emotient's Sentiment Analysis app for Google Glass
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Motion picture student to premiere short film debut

Source: The Guardian Online

Motion picture production senior Nathan Hippenmeyer will premiere his short film “Twin Falls” this summer. It will be his short film debut as writer, director and editor. Hippenmeyer plans to premiere the film this August at the annual Big Lens Festival in Dayton, a festival that showcases films by Wright State film students, and submit it to national film festivals. “We’re going to have our final cut hopefully by June,” said Hippenmeyer, “and then we’re hoping to send it ou ...
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The private hell of Cate Blanchett's agent: How Robyn Gardiner's world came crashing down as her husband Robert Hughes is finally convicted of child sex offences

Source: Daily Mail

Just weeks ago, the celebrity agent was lovingly thanked by Cate Blanchett as the actress accepted an Academy Award for best actress ...
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Evangeline Lilly has a Role in the New Hobbit Film

Evangeline Lilly has a Role in the New Hobbit Film
Evangeline Lilly may play the role of a Sylvan in the new Hobbit film, but she is happy that she will display a feminine character. The copying of male violence is something which is anathema to Evangeline.
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