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A chameleon is reproduced on a t-shirt oA veiled chameleon, referred also as thePremiere Of "The Chameleon" At The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

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New Virus Spreads Like The Common Cold - Via WiFi

It started in the laboratory of a university in England. An airborne virus was cultivated. One that could spread like...
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'Chameleon' Crystals Change Color and Shape

Source: Discovery News

ISAF Sailing World Cup Mallorca
Shining a laser on tiny particles suspended in a fluid causes the them to rearr ...
Full article at: Discovery News 4 hours ago

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Black Lips Motorboat Puppets in 'Funny' Video

Source: Spin

A chameleon is reproduced on a t-shirt o
Last week, Black Lips grabbed our attention with their cover of T-Rex's "Gong," featuring none other than the Karma Chameleon ...
Full article at: Spin 23 hours ago, 6:15pm CDT

'Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932' is Kerri's book pick

Source: MPR

The New York Times Cities for Tomorrow Conference
The New York Times called it "a novel of great reach and power, a portrait of an entire era ...
Full article at: MPR 1 day ago, 9:00am CDT

'Chameleon Club' Takes On Too Many Colors

Source: WYPR

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction - Arrivals
The narrators of Francine Prose's novel Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 are not to be trusted. In describing the life of Lou Villars, French racecar driver, cross dresser and Gestapo torturer, Prose tells a complex story about the malleability of truth when eve ...
Full article at: WYPR 1 day ago, 6:03am CDT

Google Marks Earth Day 2014 With 6 Animated Animal Logos, Including a Hummingbird

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Glasses
For Google's annual salute to Earth Day in 2014, the company has incorporated a series of six animals – the Rofous hummingbird, dung beetle, moon jellyfish, Japanese macaque, puffer fish, and veiled chameleon – i ...
Full article at: Search Engine Watch 1 day ago, 11:00pm CDT

My Dual Sport: The Chameleon

Source: Road Runner Magazine

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction - Arrivals
Bad things happen with alarming frequency when one rides a motorcycle in the woods. Not major league bad things necessarily, but bad things nonetheless. I rarely venture off-road without taking at least one spill, and I sometimes have several mishaps during an off-road outing, although they usually involve noth ...
Full article at: Road Runner Magazine 4 days ago, 5:00am CDT

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2 shot following dispute outside Pittsfield night spot


Sarah Palin Attends Boston Tea Party Rally
Two people were wounded win a shooting outside Chameleons nightclub on Pittsfield Saturday morni ...
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Blend in with Chameleon Clothing

Blend in with Chameleon Clothing
Greg Sotzing of the University of Connecticut in Storrs has developed threads of electrochromic polymers, which change...
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