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British actor Charlie Brooker arrives foRTS Programme Awards - ArrivalsBritish Comedy Awards - Arrivals

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iPad 2 taken on by Comedians - U.S. versus British Humor [Videos]

iPad 2 taken on by Comedians - U.S. versus British Humor [Videos]
The iPad 2 is out since a couple days and if you still did not get one take some comfort watching comedians poking some...
Read more Mar 16 2011, 10:41am CDT


Charlie Brooker has a role in Sniper Elite 3

Source: Eurogamer

British actor Charlie Brooker arrives fo
TV comedian and gamer Charlie Brooker will appear in Sniper Elite 3 as an character you can shoot in the head.Brooker has previously written of his admiration for the British-developed Sniper Elite series, and so was invited along to Oxford-based developer Rebellion to perform motion-capture and voice recording.Exactly what role his character will play in the gory World War ...
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Sniper Elite 3: Charlie Brooker to cameo between the crosshairs

Source: The Guardian Technology

World War One Remembered
Anyone aggrieved by the sometime Guardian columnist, rejoice  he will appear as a target in Sniper Elite ...
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