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Christiane Amanpour

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Train carrying bodies of MH17 victims arrives in Ukrainian-controlled city

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

KHARKIV, Ukraine — A train carried the remains of most victims from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 from the crash site in rebel-controlled territory to a government-controlled city Tuesday — getting the bodies one step closer to their grieving families around the world. The train traveled from the crash site in rebel-controlled eastern Ukraine and arrived at a rail station in Kharkiv and were taken to a closed military area, where the ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO Jul 22 2014, 5:40am CDT


Rebels hand over Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 black boxes

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

Watch Video DONETSK, Ukraine — Rebels gave Malaysian officials the data recorders from downed Flight 17 on Tuesday, days after the passenger jet crashed in eastern Ukraine. “We believe these are the black boxes and these boxes will reveal the truth,” said Alexander Borodai, the self-declared rebel Prime Minister in Donetsk. It was a significant step forward in an investigation that’s been stalled for days, but key questions remained unanswered: Will the black boxes ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO Jul 21 2014, 8:40pm CDT

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MH17 crash: Move to secure crash site, says Liow

Source: Asia One

SEPANG - Malaysia is frantically trying to get assistance to secure the site where Flight MH17 crashed even as drunken rebels loot the wreckage, rob the dead and keep investigators out.A member of an international team of monitors described the area of the crash as "the biggest crime scene in the world".RELATED STORIESDowning of MH17: All the latest reportsHe also stressed the need for a lot of " ...
Full article at: Asia One Jul 19 2014, 8:56pm CDT

Gilmore Girls Retro Review: The First Day

Source: TV Fanatic

Welcome back to Stars Hollow!   Lorelai is painting Rory’s toenails red because “everyone knows private school girls are bad and bad girls wear red nail polish!” They are promptly interrupted by Lane and a dance party and cue the opening credits on Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 2.   (Which, I just noticed, Rory is wearing a Baby G watch and it totally brings me back to high school.) Watch Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Online Rory bursts into Lorelai’ ...
Full article at: TV Fanatic Jul 19 2014, 8:00am CDT

Majority of Americans Now Live Under U.S. Border Patrol’s Jurisdiction

Source: Truth Dig

About 66 percent of the nation’s population lives in areas that have been militarized to the point of becoming “constitution-free” zones; a woman in Michigan shot herself in the face with a shotgun while trying to “make a point”; meanwhile, a former Mossad head warns that ISIS is already involved in Gaza and prompts Israel to continue negotiations with Hamas. These discoveries and more below. 66 Percent of ...
Full article at: Truth Dig Jul 16 2014, 11:47am CDT

Iraqi Kurdistan's Immense Oil Wealth Means It Does Not Have To Answer To Baghdad

Source: The Business Insider

Terrorists have taken over much of Iraq in recent weeks, leaving the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the country's north perhaps the most stable place within Iraqi borders. But the jihadist blitz isn't the only thing moving the KRG out of Baghdad's orbit. An oil pipeline running from the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq to the Turkish port of Ceylan, coupled with Kurdistan's extensive oil reserves and its impressive military forc ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Jun 25 2014, 10:22am CDT

John Kerry: ‘Words are cheap’ but promising in Iraq

Source: MyFox 8 WGHO

Iraqi Kurdish President Massoud Barzani is willing to participate in the formation of a new government in Baghdad, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday. On Monday, Barzani told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour that he would press the issue of Kurdish independence with Kerry when the U.S. official visited Irbil, saying, “The Kurdish people should seize the opportunity now.” Kurds have complained that Iraqi Prime Mini ...
Full article at: MyFox 8 WGHO Jun 24 2014, 8:21am CDT

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President: 'Time is now' for Kurds

Source: CNN

Kurdish Pres. Barzani gives Christiane Amanpour a very strong indication that Kurdistan will seek indep ...
Full article at: CNN Jun 23 2014, 10:28am CDT

GOP Sen: Hillary Planted Benghazi Cover-up, Disqualified to Be President

Source: Big Government

On Hugh Hewitt’s Wednesday radio show, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to Tuesday’s media appearances by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to promote her new memoir, “Hard Choices” in which she took questions about her involvement in the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Johnson said it was his opinion Benghazi was privy to the actual details of Benghazi and was a part of what he called the cover-up. That cover-up according ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 18 2014, 6:27pm CDT

Hillary Clinton Leaves Door Open On Marijuana Legalization

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she supports medical marijuana "for people who are in extreme medical conditions" and wants to "wait and see" how recreational pot works in Colorado and Washington state. In an interview with CNN international correspondent Christiane Amanpour promoting her memoir Hard Choices, Clinton suggested she may be open to marijuana policy reform. Clinton, a former s ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 17 2014, 7:11pm CDT


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