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FRANCE-CINEMA-COENMuseum Of The Moving Image Presents Behind The Coen BrothersMuseum Of The Moving Image Presents Behind The Coen Brothers

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Review: Fargo - TV series

Source: The List

Laurence Olivier Awards - Inside Arrivals
Coen brothers classic gets a brand new life on TV with Martin Freeman and Billy Bob ThorntonFor the first ten minutes you’ll wonder why the heck they bothered. The fears of anyone who couldn’t get through a day during the mid to late 90s without watching, thinking or breathing the Coen brothers snowy cult classic, Fargo, appeared ...
Full article at: The List 2 days ago, 10:20am CDT

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Cannes Film Festival: Could This Year’s Croisette Lineup Of Big Names And Academy Favorites Lead All The Way To Oscar?

Source: Deadline

So what does today’s announcement of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival mean for Oscar? Who knows except that out of competition entry , How To Train Your Dragon 2 will almost certainly be nominated for Best Animated Feature. Other than that we will have to wait and see until we actually view  the films in Cannes.   But there are good omens in this lineup (which could still see one or two more titles added) if you just look at the impressive group of actors represented in these films.  O ...
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Interview: ‘Fading Gigolo’ director John Turturro talks about fading NYC

Source: Metro- New York

"Bullets Over Broadway" Opening Night Celebration - Arrivals And Curtain Call
John Turturro’s latest film is the comedy “Fading Gigolo,” starring him and Woody Allen.Credit: Getty Images The attention-grabbing part of John Turturro’s latest film as an actor and director, “Fading Gigolo,” is that it’s about a mild-mannered flower salesman (Turturro) who ends up getting pimped out by an older pal (Woody Allen) to service high-end female clients (played by the likes of Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara). But hidden under that comic shell is a poignant look at ...
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Charges: Minnesota man followed stolen snowblower's tracks straight to theft suspect

Source: Duluth News Tribune

Asian Film Awards 2014
Duluth News TribuneThe Coen brothers couldn't have written a more Minnesotan crime plot if they tried: A St. Paul man woke up Jan. 4 to find his ...
Full article at: Duluth News Tribune 3 days ago, 8:03am CDT

Can Fargo Succeed on TV? You Betcha!

Source: Cornell Daily Sun

Asian Film Awards 2014
By SEAN DOOLITTLE  This is a true story. The events depicted in this review took place took place on FX at 9 p.m. on Tuesday. I love the Coen brothers. From Inside Llewyn Davis to No Country for Old Men and my personal, grossly underrated ...
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New FX series, ‘Fargo’ worthy of movie’s name

Source: State Press

FX Networks Upfront Premiere Screening Of "Fargo"
When watching the 1996 Coen brothers film “Fargo,” the last thing anyone thinks is, ‘Wow. This would really work as a TV show.’ Even though it is an immensely entertaining accomplishment of the directorial team of Joel and Ethan Coen, something about the irreverently dark subject matter set against almost nauseating folksiness makes it an unsettling experience not suited to weekly viewing. Lucky for us, someone saw new potential in its dynamic, and on Tuesday night, “Fargo: The ...
Full article at: State Press 3 days ago, 9:54pm CDT

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FX's 'Fargo' debuts to decent ratings

Source: Reality TV World Reality TV News

Asian Film Awards 2014
Fargo, FX's well-received reimagining of the 1996 Coen brothers masterpiece, didn't blow anyone away with its Tuesday night premiere ratings. But it did get off to a respec ...
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Fargo's Excellent Debut Watched By Over 4 Million Gosh Darn People

Source: Cinema Blend

Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's "Draft Day" - Arrivals
While the world may never know what a genuine Coen brothers TV show would look like, Fargo might just be the best danged alternative that could ever exist. Darkly hilarious, deeply disturbing and erratically violent, Fargo isn’t a series that is destined to ...
Full article at: Cinema Blend 3 days ago, 7:17pm CDT

The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary Limited Edition DVD comes in Bowling Ball

The Big Lebowski 10th Anniversary Limited Edition DVD comes in Bowling Ball
The Big Lebowski movie starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman is one of these cult movies I can watch over and over...
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