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Cory Booker

Cory Booker

Gallery : Cory Booker

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Cory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJCory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJCory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJ

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Nine Notable Tweets Of 2013

Nine Notable Tweets Of 2013
Twitter became many things in the year 2013. A public company, for one. But also an increasing source of breaking news...
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Booker, Paul teaming up to scrub criminal records

Source: FOX 19 News Cincinnati

Cory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJ
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are teaming up on a bill aimed at helping low-level offenders wipe their criminal records c ...
Full article at: FOX 19 News Cincinnati 3 days ago, 4:05am CDT

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It Just Keeps Getting Weirder In Mississippi

Source: Outside the Beltway

West Indies batsman Johnson Charles (C)
If  you thought that the story of the Mississippi GOP Senate Primary was over, you haven’t been paying attention. When we last left the story, Chris McDaniel and his Tea Party supporters had just begun making a series of bizarre allegations against Cochran and the way he won the election that seemed focused mostly on the fact that the campaign succeeded in part by appealing to African-American voters who don’t typically vote in Republican primaries. Since then, M ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway Jul 3 2014, 8:42am CDT

Booker Maintains Lead in New Jersey

Source: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Cory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJ
A new Monmouth University/Asbury Park Press Poll in New Jersey finds Sen. Cory Booker (D) leading challenger Jeff Bell by 20 points, 43% to 23%. Another 15% say they would vote for another candidate at this early stage of the campaign and 17% are undecided. Said pollster Patrick Murray: "The underlying fundamentals of Booker's steady, positive job rating should place him in a strong position for November, but v ...
Full article at: Taegan Goddard's Political Wire Jul 2 2014, 5:19am CDT

New Jersey’s notorious Action Park — also called ‘Some crazy guy’s backyard’ — reopens 18 years after deaths saw closure

Source: National Post

The rides were death-defying — on a good day — and the water slides as likely to land you in hospital as in the pool. But despite the dangers, that was just how visitors to New Jersey’s pleasure ground Action Park liked it. Actionpark.comWater Jump at Action Park in Mountain Creek, New Jersey. In a bygone thrill-seeking era, before lawsuits and tragedy brought an end to the fun, the 35-acre site was nicknamed “Traction Park” due ...
Full article at: National Post Jun 30 2014, 2:17pm CDT

Sens. Booker, Murphy Seek Alternatives To Incarcerating Teens

Source: CBS New York

Cory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJ
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Two senators have proposed alternate solutions to incarcerating young teens who have committed crimes. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey introduced the Better Options for Kids Act last week. The bill aims to give incentives to states that seek out alternatives to incarceration, such as counseling and other mental health services. Sens. Booker, Murphy Seek Alternatives To Incarcerating Tee ...
Full article at: CBS New York Jun 30 2014, 12:42pm CDT

Who Are The Most Influential African Americans, Ages 25-45? [Greg Laden's Blog]

Source: ScienceBlogs

Cory Booker Is Sworn In As US Senator After Special Election In NJ
The Root 100 2014 is seeking your nominations. DEADLINE IS MONDAY. They are …just about ready to celebrate the innovators, the trailblazers and the influencers in the African-American community who have caught our attention in the past year. [They] will announce The Root 100 of 2014 and celebrate these 25-45-year-olds who are paving the way in politics, entertainment, business, the arts, social justice, science and sports. Right now, it’s your turn to submit nominations for those yo ...
Full article at: ScienceBlogs Jun 28 2014, 9:12pm CDT

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New Class of Winners and Losers Emerge After Rangel Fells Espaillat

Source: New York Observer

Charles Rangel Votes In Primary Election
State Senator Adriano Espaillat on the campaign trail Tuesday. (Photo: Ross Barkan) Yes, Congressman Charlie Rangel was a winner Tuesday night. And State Senator Adriano Espaillat, undoubtedly, was a loser. But beyond the top combatants, the bitter Democratic primary for Mr. Rangel’s seat produced another crop of winners and losers. Politicians, consulting firms and party machines all put their reputations–and bragging rights–on the line when they waded into the upper M ...
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Rand Paul: "The War On Drugs Has Had A Racial Outcome"

Source: Real Clear Politics

"Sixties" New York Series Premiere Party
CANDY CROWLEY: Let me move you to a different subject. And that is, you are working with Senator Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, on reestablishing federal voting rights to nonviolent felons who have served parole and et cetera. What -- what -- of all the issues facing Congress at this point, what draws you to that? Is this about Republican inroads into minority communities? SEN. RAND PAUL: As I have traveled about the country and within my state talking to people, I ...
Full article at: Real Clear Politics Jun 22 2014, 3:41pm CDT

Rand Paul Says Voting Rights Bill For Felons Will Help Him Reach Minorities

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

Sen. Rand Paul Meets Constituents In Kentucky
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Sunday that a new voting rights bill he's working on would help him to reach out to new demographics, especially minorities. Paul plans to introduce a bill with Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) that would restore the vote for people who are in prison for minor drug offenses. States have different felony disenfranchisement laws that vary in severity. Approximately 5.85 million Americans with felony convictions, and in some ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 22 2014, 10:51am CDT