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Feds: Russian creator of SpyEye pleads guilty

Feds: Russian creator of SpyEye pleads guilty
Feds: Russian man who created bank hacking software pleads guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud ATLANTA (AP) — A Russian...
Read more Jan 28 2014, 10:57pm CST

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Radio girl by Brendler, Carol.

Source: San Luis Obispo City-County Library

NUVOtv Series Launch Party
In 1938, fourteen-year-old Cece, an aspiring radio actress, encounters lies, secrets, and hoaxes both at home and in the studio where she is transcribing the script for Orson Welles's "Wa ...
Full article at: San Luis Obispo City-County Library 7 hours ago, 3:46pm CDT

Do Liars Lie About Lying?

Do Liars Lie About Lying?
The statement “I am a liar” has befuddled beginning philosophy students for ever. If true, it’s false; if false, it’s...
Read more Dec 22 2013, 9:31am CST

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This Guy Can Read Your Mind (And Your Phone Number)

Source: Buzzfeed

Vinny DePonto is fresh off a very successful first run of his magic and mind reading show, “Charlatan.” He can also teach you a thing or two about lying. New York-based magician and mind reader Vinny DePonto, 27, recently ran a sold-out series of shows called "Charlatan" at Ars Nova theater in New York City. The show — which features a wide variety of mind-bending telepathy–type feats, al ...
Full article at: Buzzfeed 11 hours ago, 12:15pm CDT

Con Artist Says He Made $10,000 A Day In Telephone ‘Grandparent Scam’

Source: CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A man who admits to swindling elderly people out of cash has described just how the so-called grandparent scam works. As CBS 2′s Alice Gainer reported, con artists preying on the elderly call, pretending to be a grandchild in an emergency pleading for money. “You can make $10,000 sometimes in a day if you do it properly,” the scammer who didn’t want to be identified said. The 31-year-old con man in federal custody is currently awaiting sente ...
Full article at: CBS New York 1 day ago, 4:57pm CDT

Congress Makes Number Spoofing Illegal

Congress Makes Number Spoofing Illegal
Don't go making phony-calls! Please, stick to the seven digit numbers you are used to. Yes that was a quote from a...
Read more Apr 15 2010, 11:30am CDT

Va. man pleads guilty to bilking investors

Source: Petersberg Progess Index

HARRISONBURG, Va. (AP) — A Harrisonburg man has pleaded guilty to charges of bilking more than $1 million from investors. Paul Souder pleaded guilty on Wednesday to mail fraud and wire fraud in U.S. Distric ...
Full article at: Petersberg Progess Index 1 day ago, 12:27pm CDT

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Nike exiting the wearables market, says report
Nike exiting the wearables market, says report
Nike could be making the right decision here.
Tropico 5 Releases Next Month w/ Pre-order Discounted 28% & Bonus Game
Tropico 5 Releases Next Month w/ Pre-order Discounted 28% & Bonus Game
El Presidente makes his return in May. The MSRP is $39.99, but an instant discount and coupon combination drop the pre-order to $28.80.

IN BRIEF: Fraud charges laid

Source: The Record

A 62-year-old Kitchener man faces more than a dozen charges of fraud and attempted fraud under $5000 in connection with a series of fraudulent return of goods to home improvement stores. Waterloo Regional Police arrested the man on Tuesday, and allege that from 2012 to as recently as this month, he was returning damaged or older goods to stores, and receiving store credits for newer, more expensive items, at stores in Waterloo R ...
Full article at: The Record 1 day ago, 8:20am CDT

Snitchgate — Sharpton is still lying

Source: Human Events Online

Rev. Al Sharpton Holds News Conference At National Action Network's Office
If the Rev. Al Sharpton, the bigoted, anti-Semitic, non-tax paying race-hustling poverty pimp, had any credibility left, it just vanished. The beneficiary of a lifetime of passes from our race-conscious mainscream media, Sharpton ran into an outlet not afraid of him — The Smoking Gun. They obtained material that exposed Sharpton as an FBI “informant.” Sharpton, of course, denies that this constitutes “snitching. ...
Full article at: Human Events Online 1 day ago, 8:06am CDT

Bullshit Button, Just Like the Easy Button but More Crude

Bullshit Button, Just Like the Easy Button but More Crude
Inevitably when there is any sized gathering of geeks talk turns to how fast our computers are or how awesome we are at...
Read more Apr 24 2007, 3:40pm CDT


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