Las Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoins

Las Vegas Casinos Accept Bitcoins

Las Vegas casinos now accepting cybercurrency Bitcoin; will work for rooms, food, not gambling LAS VEGAS (AP) — Las Vegas is ge...

Jan 21 2014, 1:20pm CST

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Shoppers fret about authenticity of Target emails

Target email to customers offering credit help genuine, but scams are out there NEW YORK (AP) — An email sent to...

Jan 17 2014, 4:01pm CST

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AP Source: NSA phone data control may come to end

AP Source: President Barack Obama to call for ending NSA's control of Americans' phone data WASHINGTON (AP) — Pre...

Jan 17 2014, 6:21am CST

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For Obama, NSA review a quest for public trust

For Obama, NSA review a quest to regain public trust in surveillance operations WASHINGTON (AP) — Faced with Edwa...

Jan 16 2014, 3:46pm CST

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Apple agrees to refund $32.5M for kids' purchases

Apple to refund $32.5M to parents who say they unwittingly OK'd purchases during kids' games WASHINGTON (AP) — Pl...

Jan 16 2014, 2:36am CST

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Ecuador politician claims email hacking in smear

Opposition politician in Ecuador claims email hacking in smear campaign by state-run media LIMA, Peru (AP) — An o...

Jan 15 2014, 1:51pm CST

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Officials: Obama likely to OK phone record changes

AP sources: Obama expected to back changes to NSA surveillance with Congress handling details WASHINGTON (AP) — P...

Jan 15 2014, 2:41am CST

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Major change unlikely despite open-Internet ruling

Court's ruling against open-Internet rules won't mean major changes to access NEW YORK (AP) — Don't expect major...

Jan 14 2014, 11:26pm CST

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How tunnels are built, used along US-Mexico border

How smugglers build and use tunnels along the US-Mexico border NOGALES, Ariz. (AP) — As border security has tight...

Jan 14 2014, 9:56pm CST

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Proposed spy phone record shift draws resistance

Proposal to shift surveillance phone record retention away from government drawing resistance WASHINGTON (AP) — T...

Jan 14 2014, 2:36am CST

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China video sites confident public will pay

China's video industry confident it can beat piracy, persuade public to pay for online content BEIJING (AP) — Whe...

Jan 14 2014, 1:16am CST

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Fox Sports tests weather gadgets for Super Bowl

Fox Sports testing out weather-related gadgets for use at Super Bowl PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Fox Sports has a few...

Jan 13 2014, 10:31pm CST

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What's on YouTube? 'YouTube Nation' lets you know

What's on YouTube? Ask 'YouTube Nation,' a new daily online series from DreamWorks Animation NEW YORK (AP) — How...

Jan 13 2014, 4:21pm CST

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Gadget Watch: The desk that tells you to stand up

Gadget Watch: Stir Kinetic desk tells you to stand up for a change, and moves with you LAS VEGAS (AP) — Sitting d...

Jan 10 2014, 10:51am CST

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Old meets new in 2014 video game lineup

Master Chief, Meet Aiden Pearce : Old faces collide with new ones in 2014 video game lineup LOS ANGELES (AP) — Th...

Jan 9 2014, 10:56am CST

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IBM's Watson supercomputer gets its own business

IBM "Jeopardy!" champ computer Watson gets its own business unit, NYC headquarters NEW YORK (AP) — One of the mos...

Jan 9 2014, 7:36am CST

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Gadget Watch: Case makes iPhone a BlackBerry clone

Gadget Watch: Typo keyboard case turns iPhone 5, 5S into close BlackBerry clone LAS VEGAS (AP) — If you love your...

Jan 9 2014, 2:36am CST

Stephen Wolfram Promises A Universal API To The Internet Of Things

Stephen Wolfram Promises A Universal API To The Internet Of Things

At first glance, the Wolfram Connected Devices Project announced this week might not seem a big deal. But the database of ‘conn...

Jan 8 2014, 6:21pm CST

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Few 'wearables' balance fashion and function

Gadget show is awash in 'wearable' devices, but questions of acceptance and usefulness remain LAS VEGAS (AP) — Ga...

Jan 8 2014, 3:51pm CST

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Experts withdraw from Internet security conference

Researchers skip computer security conference over reports of NSA collaboration on encryption WASHINGTON (AP) — A...

Jan 8 2014, 2:31pm CST

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Gadget Watch: The Internet-connected toothbrush

Gadget Watch: The toothbrush that knows how you're brushing, and can tell your dentist LAS VEGAS (AP) — Armbands...

Jan 8 2014, 2:01pm CST

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Technology? Some justices want to keep distance

Supreme Court justices wary of bold action by judges weighing new technology, privacy issues WASHINGTON (AP) — At...

Jan 7 2014, 2:16pm CST

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Gadget Watch: Crystal clear sound in glass speaker

Gadget Watch: Speaker using acrylic glass offers new take on crystal clear sound LAS VEGAS (AP) — Ever tried to p...

Jan 7 2014, 10:46am CST

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Tesla station to bring electric cars to Wyoming

Lusk, Wyo., charging station positioned to open up pickup-truck country to Tesla electric cars LUSK, Wyo. (AP) —...

Jan 7 2014, 12:26am CST

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Electric race car debuts on Las Vegas Strip

Electric race car debuts on Las Vegas Strip, will be driven in Formula E Championship LAS VEGAS (AP) — A new kind...

Jan 6 2014, 10:51pm CST

Startups Don't Go Bankrupt -- Founders Do

Startups Don't Go Bankrupt -- Founders Do

As startup Founders, we are constantly focused on making sure our fledgling companies have enough runway to grow.  We believe t...

Jan 6 2014, 2:46pm CST

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Selling social media clicks becomes big business

Selling clicks to boost social media accounts brings hundreds of millions of dollars SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Cele...

Jan 5 2014, 9:31am CST

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Home electricity use in US falling to 2001 levels

Despite more gadgets, electricity usage in US homes is falling to levels last seen in 2001 NEW YORK (AP) — The av...

Dec 30 2013, 12:42pm CST

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Feds announce test sites for drone aircraft

Feds announce drone testing sites in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia LAS VEGAS (AP) — The...

Dec 30 2013, 10:51am CST

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Report: NSA intercepts computer deliveries

Report lifts lid on NSA hacker unit, says US spies intercept computer deliveries to plant bugs LONDON (AP) — A Ge...

Dec 29 2013, 12:06pm CST

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France Puts A Spoke In The Wheel Of Uber And Le Cab

Yes, I know I’m an Englishman and thus not unbiased on the subject of what the French get up to but this is just typical. The F...

Dec 29 2013, 12:06pm CST

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NY judge rules NSA phone surveillance is legal

NY judge concludes NSA phone surveillance is legal, rejecting ACLU effort to halt program NEW YORK (AP) — A feder...

Dec 27 2013, 12:06pm CST

World's Oldest Family Jeweler Celebrates 400 Years With High Jewelry Collection

World's Oldest Family Jeweler Celebrates 400 Years With High Jewelry Collection

Mellerio dits Meller Medici Jewelry Collection As 2013 comes to an end I feel this is the proper time to recognize a truly mon...

Dec 24 2013, 12:46pm CST

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Tablets a hit with kids, but experts worry

Tablets increasingly popular with small children, but some worry about the long-term effects NEW YORK (AP) — Tabl...

Dec 24 2013, 9:26am CST

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The season's weirdest, wackiest tech gifts

Shopping for the techie who has everything? Check out these offbeat gift ideas NEW YORK (AP) — It's tough to shop...

Dec 20 2013, 11:36am CST

Even SIM Cards are Vulnerable to Hacking

Even SIM Cards are Vulnerable to Hacking; 750 Million Phones in Danger

Until now it had been a standard belief that while other things were capable of being hacked, a mobile SIM was impregnable. How...

Jul 22 2013, 5:38am CDT