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Breaking News about Diana:

Princess Diana Death Inside Facts Disclosed

Princess Diana Death Inside Facts Disclosed
A file on the inside facts concerning the death of Princess Diana was disclosed recently by Whitehall Officials.
Read more May 26 2014, 10:34am CDT

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The day David Emanuel showed me how to dress - in Bonmarche!

Source: Wales Online

Bonmarche’s mantra is to make women over 50 feel fab. But what can it do for a fashion forward 30-something? Lucky then, that David Emanuel, co-designer of Princess Diana's wedding dress, was on hand to help Rachel Mainwairing fin ...
Full article at: Wales Online 1 day ago, 1:34pm CDT

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Sony USA’s Mark Weir honored with admission into Sony ‘Samurai’ Society

Source: Imaging Resource

Here at IR, we don't normally take note of routine promotions and job changes in the camera industry, but this particular one is unusual enough, and the individual involved so clearly deserving of the honor, that we were moved to comment. Mark Weir, senior technology manager at Sony Digital Imaging, was just recently inducted into the Sony Samurai Society -- the most prestigious honor that a Sony employee can be awarded. Mark's a pr ...
Full article at: Imaging Resource 2 days ago, 10:46am CDT

Petra Ecclestone is selling Candy Spelling’s enormous mansion for $150 million


In the summer of 2011, a then 22-year-old British heiress to the Formula One fortune, Petra Ecclestone, paid $85 million to buy Candy Spelling’s enormous 73,500 square foot mansion, the largest home in LA County. It was the most expensive residential property listing in the entire US. Candy Spelling is of course the widow of the late TV magnate, Aaron Spelling, and we know her as Tori Spelling’s mom. She oversaw construction on the monstrous mansion in the late 80s, and has said t ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 8:40am CDT

Mr Bean Voted One Of The Greatest Britons, Ahead Of Paul McCartney, Princess Diana and Charlie Chaplin

Source: The Huffington Post: UK Edition

When you're asked to think of the greatest Britons ever, there are plenty of people who are likely to spring to mind - but will Mr Bean be one of them? A recent British Council survey asked participants around the world to do exactly that, and surprisingly, the TV and film character, played by Rowan Atkinson, came out (almost) on top in the list of figures people around the globe associate wi ...
Full article at: The Huffington Post: UK Edition 2 days ago, 6:32am CDT

Diana Furchtgott-Roth: Why Obamacare ruling means more than it seems

Source: MarketWatch

The president packs the D.C. court and sets a dangerous precedent, writes Diana Furcht ...
Full article at: MarketWatch Jul 23 2014, 7:57am CDT

Prince Harry snogged a Scottish beauty queen during a World Cup party


Finally! Prince Harry finally has a rebound snog. Although, to be fair and unfair, it’s been months since he and Cressida Bonas called it quits so this isn’t so much a “rebound.” The real “rebound” happened initially when Harry banged some blonde American girl at Guy Pelly’s wedding just a few days after Harry and Cressida split. So, who is Harry snogging these days? Her name is Camilla Thurlow and they had a torrid hookup at a club: He split from his long-term girlfriend Cressida B ...
Full article at: Jul 21 2014, 10:20am CDT

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Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
Kate Upton on Prettiness and its Discontents
The supermodel and sex icon, Kate Upton spoke on prettiness and some of its major discontents recently.
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hook up in Ibiza
The girl in the Fast & Furious series, Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron hooked up with each other in Ibiza. Even Justin Bieber was there for some fun.
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
Samsung is launching two new phones this year
In a bid to encourage investors, Samsung revealed its plan to release two new phones this year. Will it even matter now?

Are Prince William & Kate going to spend the rest of the summer at Balmoral?


This ^^ is a newly released “official” portrait of Prince George ahead of his first birthday. He’s already walking! Everybody is going royal-loonie for George’s birthday, which is on Tuesday. Every magazine has a story, and Prince George is on the cover of the new Vanity Fair and People. Us Weekly had a big story about him too, all about George’s “summer plans.” He’s a baby! He’s pretty much going to go wherever his parents take ...
Full article at: Jul 20 2014, 7:30am CDT

More than a paycheck: New dads want paid leave to be caregivers

Source: The Washington Post

Marc Carlson, a senior manager at Ernst & Young in Detroit, took two weeks of the company’s standard paid parental leave for dads when his daughter, Rebecca, was born last year. Then, when his wife, Diana, went back to work as a physician, Carlson declared himself the primary caregiver and took the maximum four additional weeks ...
Full article at: The Washington Post Jul 18 2014, 4:40pm CDT

Diana Peloquin Beats Arthur Chu on Jeopardy!

Diana Peloquin Beats Arthur Chu on Jeopardy!
Diana Peloquin saw the way Arthur Chu played Jeopardy! with certain controversial tactics. She finally beat him using his own style as her weapon of choice.
Read more Mar 14 2014, 8:46am CDT


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