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Dish Network Makes $25.5 Billion Offer For Sprint NextelAT&T And DirecTV Agree To $48 Billion MergerCorporate And Media Leaders Attend Allen & Company Media And Technology Conf.

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AT&T and DirecTV Merger Details

AT&T and DirecTV Merger Details
Telecommunications giant AT&T is proposing a $48.5 billion merger with satellite TV provider DirecTV. If the deal...
Read more May 19 2014, 1:27am CDT


AT&T to Announce DirecTV Acquisition

AT&T to Announce DirecTV Acquisition
The deal is going to be worth $50 billion
Read more May 18 2014, 1:20pm CDT

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Nick Jonas releases new single: "Chains"

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

It's a familiar cycle: young kid joins a boyband, becomes a teen heartthrob, band breaks up, kid gets a new look, and tries the solo route. Very few artists have been able to rise above their gimmicky pasts—and whether or not you loved N'Sync or Jonas Brothers or Backstreet Boys as a kid, you know the initial struggle to take anyone seriously as a solo artist is hard.For those who don't know, the Jonas Brothers broke up in October, and the youngest of ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 1 day ago, 1:49pm CDT

AT&T talking about buying DirecTV

AT&T talking about buying DirecTV
AT&T approached the company with an offer about a possible acquisition of the satellite business along with its 20 million or so customers.
Read more May 1 2014, 5:33am CDT

Calm Down, Everyone. 2 GOP Judges Didn't Annihilate Obamacare

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

On Tuesday, two federal appeals courts issued totally opposing rulings on a pair of lawsuits challenging Obamacare, one of which would tear apart the law and jeopardize health insurance coverage for millions of people who signed up. You might find that a bit troubling, especially if you're one of those people. There's no reason to panic just yet, though. Here's what you need to know. Ho ...
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Nick Jonas's post-Bros life: He's done giving a sh*t. Also might drop a new single tomorrow

Source: Oh No They Didn't!

Nick Jonas has emancipated himself from the squeaky-clean shackles of former purity ring-wearing boy band The Jonas Brothers.After the wholesome trio broke up in October, there’s been some deep, dark soul-searching.Now Nick is making a comeback with a buffed-up physique for DirecTV’s mixed martial arts drama “Navy Street” (the title has been changed to Kingdom) and a song called “Chains,” which describes his feelings about being trapped for years in the cha ...
Full article at: Oh No They Didn't! 2 days ago, 1:01pm CDT

Dish, Disney deal envisions Internet-delivered TV

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dish Network and Disney have reached a landmark deal that envisions the day when Dish will offer a...
Read more Mar 3 2014, 9:01pm CST

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OS X Yosemite planned for late October
OS X Yosemite planned for late October
Apple is also working on a new MacBook will include a Retina Display that is approximately 12-inches diagonally
North West Baby Picture Marks a Milestone
North West Baby Picture Marks a Milestone
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West must be very happy to see their daughter North West walking. Kanye took a picture of his baby North West's first step that Kim posted on her Instagram later on.
Jennifer Lopez celebrates her Birthday with Style
Jennifer Lopez Celebrates her Birthday with Style
The songstress and actress, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 45th birthday with style.

The Problem With Big Knockout Boxing

Source: Hoops Manifesto

Boxing, like most combat sports, hardly qualifies for the second part of that descriptor. It’s violence with a thin veil of organisation. So it might sound funny that, as a boxing writer, I found the press release for “Big Knockout Boxing” disturbing. In case you haven’t been paying attention to the latest developments in futuristic bloodsports, Big Knockout Boxing is a slightly tweaked version of the original Queensberry Rules, developed and ...
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Hey, The Poughkeepsie Tapes is Out – Here’s Where to Find It

Source: Latino Review

Here's a day I thought would never come: The Poughkeepsie Tapes has quietly found its way onto VOD. Currently, I'm seeing it listed on DIRECTV, but check your local VOD service to see if it has reached your provider as well.The film has been sitting on the shelf for years thanks to MGM. It was originally expected to open in theaters in 2007. That was when the studio released an official trailer and issued the poster you ...
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Dish's Charlie Ergen: I'm Nervous About Comcast-TWC

Dish's Charlie Ergen: I'm Nervous About Comcast-TWC
Optimism is supposedly one of the qualities people look for in politicians and business leaders. Apparently no one told...
Read more Feb 21 2014, 2:51pm CST


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