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East Germany

East Germany

Gallery : East Germany

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Impressions Of AlexanderplatzImpressions Of AlexanderplatzImpressions Of Alexanderplatz

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Kim Dotcom Defaces U.S. Embassy in Berlin

Kim Dotcom Defaces U.S. Embassy in Berlin
Kim Dotcom has had light projection on the U.S. Embassy in Berlin with his face and the slogan: "United Stasi of America."
Read more Jul 8 2013, 6:40am CDT


Germany Quietly Explores New Fracking Rules

Source: Forbes

Jonathan Dolgen, Beyonce Knowles and Rob Friedman
By Jonathan Friedman BERLIN – Governments know that July is generally a time when they can act without garnering much attention from the public or the press, which is more focused on upcoming summer holidays. This year, with the rest country of the country tr ...
Full article at: Forbes 2 days ago, 7:41am CDT

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Questions Raised Over Merkel’s Communist Past

Source: Infowars

Glamour And L'Oreal Paris Celebrate 2014 Top Ten College Women
Questions being raised about Merkel’s early life in totalitarian Ea ...
Full article at: Infowars Jul 3 2014, 10:03am CDT

President Obama, Tear Down This Wall!

Source: Big Government

From 1957 until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the Staatssicherheit--or Stasi--was the most feared and effective intelligence agency, operating as the “sword and shield” and striking fear into the hearts of East Germans. Their omnipresent network of both employees and citizen informants enabled the Stasi to maintain surveillance on one out of every seven people in the East German communist country.  By ...
Full article at: Big Government Jul 3 2014, 7:57am CDT

25 years after Berlin Wall fell, Germany’s best soccer players still come from the west

Source: McClatchy DC

Impressions Of Alexanderplatz
As the Berlin Wall was chipped into souvenirs, what used to be known as West Germany won a World Cup soccer championship. It was to be a last great separat ...
Full article at: McClatchy DC Jul 2 2014, 4:08pm CDT

3 must-see sites in Germany’s Dresden

Source: New York Post

Impressions Of Alexanderplatz
Just 120 miles south of Berlin, Dresden — the capital of Saxony — was long regarded as one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Yet in 1945, m ...
Full article at: New York Post Jun 30 2014, 5:38pm CDT

Surviving without money, German woman's year-long adventure

Source: Asia One

LEIPZIG, Germany - For one year, Greta Taubert renounced our consumer society. Eating, drinking and dressing without spending a cent, the 30-year-old German woman wanted to see what life would be like if the economic system collapsed.The first thing she badly wanted after her 12 months of consumer abstinence? “Tights,” she replied spontaneously, nursing a cappuccino in a cafe in Leipzig, a city in what used to be East Germany.“And toiletries,” she added quickly, pushing aside a str ...
Full article at: Asia One Jun 25 2014, 1:45am CDT

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Jean Segura Returns Home After Death of 9-Month-Old Son
Jean Segura Returns Home After Death of 9-Month-Old Son
Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Jean Segura flies home to Dominican Republic after death of 9-month-old son.
BBC Wants Viewers To A Pull River Song And Avoid 'Doctor Who' Spoilers
BBC Wants Viewers To Pull A River Song And Avoid 'Doctor Who' Spoilers
"Spoilers" was River Song's catchphrase and BBC One is hoping to cash in on the idea since the first five episodes of the eighth season have leaked online.
LeAnn & Eddie: Reality or Scripted, Bonus Feud with Brandi Glanville
LeAnn & Eddie: Reality or Scripted, Bonus Feud with Brandi Glanville
LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian's reality show will be hitting Vh1 in less than a week, and the trio's feuding continues.

Why You Need To Be Wary Of Countries That Start Super Well At The World Cup

Source: Forbes Real Time

Alternative Views - 2014 FIFA World Cup
Three countries have actually lost a game at the group stage but still gone on to lift the trophy. Two host countries, West Germany in 1974 and Argentina four years later, both lost a game but only after they had secured a place in the next round. West Germany lost 1-0 to East Germany in one of the most politically and propaganda charged sporting events of all time. Argentina lost 1-0 ...
Full article at: Forbes Real Time Jun 23 2014, 5:30am CDT

How IKEA, Siemens and Aldi 'profited from slave labour in East Germany'

Source: Daily Mail

Ikea has shelled out £100,000 on a warts-and-all look into the dark practice of selling items made in the totalitarian state's penal system after allegations surfaced two years ago. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail Jun 16 2014, 8:14am CDT

IAA 2007: New Trabi

IAA 2007: New Trabi
German company Herpa plans to build a new Trabi, based on the legendary East German plastic car. At the IAA 2007 next...
Read more Sep 8 2007, 4:00am CDT