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'Conseil Des Ministres' At Elysee Palace'Conseil Des Ministres' At Elysee Palace'Conseil Des Ministres' At Elysee Palace

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Best Mobile Apps for Kids

Best Mobile Apps for Kids
Children love to play with mobile devices, but not every app out there is kid-friendly. Here are some of the best apps for kids:
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Top 5 Language-Learning Apps

Top 5 Language-Learning Apps
Language barriers keep many like-minded people from socializing and creates career limitations. Tear these barriers down by learning a new language or improving your proficiency in one you already know.
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Ross students quiz Rep. Jim Jordan

Source: The Fremont News Messenger

Former IRS Director Lois Lerner Testifies To A House Oversight Committee On IRS Targeting Scandal
Fremont Ross High School students were ready with questions about issues ranging from standardized testing to Russian aggression in Ukraine for Rep. Jim Jordan Tuesday, as th ...
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California Powerball Winner Claims $425 Million

California Powerball Winner Claims $425 Million
The winner of the $425 million Powerball in California has claimed his prize yesterday. California Powerball winner, B. Raymond Buxton, is all set to become a philanthropist. It proves that dedicated selflessness is still alive and well in this world.
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Educators Question Proposal to Expand Pre-K

Source: NBC 11 San Francisco

The kids in Mrs. Wilkins’ class at Dove Hill Elementary School in San Jose are preschool aged. But it’s not a preschool, or a kindergarten. It’s transitional kindergarten, a free public school program in California that prepares older four year olds for kindergarten. “So when they go into a classroom in kindergarten, they’ll already have confidence to take risks with their learning and try new things,” says transitional kindergarten teacher Tremayne Wilkins. ...
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Legislative Panel Wants Common Core Stopped

Source: CBS Charlotte

Billy Graham Birthday Party
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Republican lawmakers sound ready to separate North Carolina from the nationally-developed K-12 academic standards after complaints from parents, think tanks and other groups that Common Core requirements are controlling curriculum and classrooms. A General Assembly study committee Thursday recommended colleagues pass a law directing the State Board of Education to replace the Common Core standards for math and language arts with something else, with input fr ...
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Kindergartner praying reprimanded by unidentified teacher

Kindergartner praying reprimanded by unidentified teacher
A 5-year old kindergartner was reprimanded by unidentified teacher for praying. What happened to religious liberty?
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The Debate Heats Up Over Common Core

Source: Arkansas Matters

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The debate over Common Core heats up as Indiana becomes the first state to scrap the school standards.An Arkansas group -- against Common Core -- is working to make the same thing happen here, but there's plenty of resistance to that idea.Common Core standards are used to design curriculum in classrooms across the country.Parent Laterri Porter says while the lessons are challenging, it's s ...
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Council Agrees To More Flexibility In Teacher Evaluations

Source: Hartford Courant

'Conseil Des Ministres' At Elysee Palace
Measuring Student Growth Over Time Is The Goal, PEAC Members SayHARTFORD — A state education advisory council recommended a change Thursday in the teacher evaluation system to ensure that a significant portion of a teacher's review does not hinge on students' sco ...
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How Many Media Economists Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?

How Many Media Economists Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?
I’ve been attending a monthly seminar that is undeniably geeky, yet wonderfully thought-provoking. The invitation-only...
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