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Electronic Frontier Foundation

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12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2013: Electronic Frontier Foundation

12 Days Of Charitable Giving 2013: Electronic Frontier Foundation
It’s the eighth day of our 12 Days of Charitable Giving! In December, I’ll be focusing on twelve charitable...
Read more Dec 23 2013, 9:01pm CST


Yet Another Reason Not To Visit Official White House Website: It Spies On You

Source: The Daily Caller

In 2014, you can’t even get your official White House lies straight from the tap without being surveilled. Peter Eckersley and Kurt Opsahl, Electronic Frontier Foundation: Yesterday, ProPublica reported on new research by a team at KU Leuven and Princeton on canvas fingerprinting. One of the most intrusive users of ...
Full article at: The Daily Caller 2 days ago, 12:38pm CDT

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Block Spying and Tracking while Browsing with the Privacy Badger Extension

Source: The How-To Geek

If there is one thing we are all tired of, it is being constantly tracked and spied on while we are browsing the Internet. With this in mind, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been hard at work on an extension for Firefox and Chrome that helps put an end to the unwanted attention so that you can browse in peace.Cl ...
Full article at: The How-To Geek 2 days ago, 12:20pm CDT

Privacy Badger chases off creepy ad trackers


If you don't know it already, you're probably being tracked on the Internet. While the advertisers like tracking your buyer habits, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is not cool with it. Thus it has come up with a nifty plugin for both Chrome and Firefox and called it Privacy Badger. Sick of those ads that remind you they know what you just visited? The EFF feels ...
Full article at: 2 days ago, 2:36am CDT

Protect Your Browsing Privacy With EFF’s Handy ‘Badger’

Source: Truth Dig

Shutterstock The problem with browser extensions that claim to protect your Web privacy from the multitude of online advertisers, spammers and profiteers, is that they boil down to a matter of trust. In most cases, you have to agree to let the extension, made by a developer you’ve probably never heard of (although some are good people who have earned the public’s trust), look at everything you do online. Luckily the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated ...
Full article at: Truth Dig 2 days ago, 10:26pm CDT

EFF's snoop-stopping, ad-smashing Privacy Badger plugin hits beta (Zach Miners/PC World)

Source: Techmeme

Zach Miners / PC World: EFF's snoop-stopping, ad-smashing Privacy Badger plugin hits beta  —  The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital privacy rights group, has released a downloadable plugin for Chrome and Firefox designed to stop third parties from tracking people's Web b ...
Full article at: Techmeme 3 days ago, 11:00pm CDT

Anti-surveillance advocates want you to run an open, secure WiFi router

Source: Engadget

Plenty of WiFi routers have guest modes for visitors; some companies base their entire business models around them. Many of these devices are full of security holes, however, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation doesn't see that as a ...
Full article at: Engadget 3 days ago, 9:22pm CDT

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OS X Yosemite planned for late October
OS X Yosemite planned for late October
Apple is also working on a new MacBook will include a Retina Display that is approximately 12-inches diagonally
North West Baby Picture Marks a Milestone
North West Baby Picture Marks a Milestone
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West must be very happy to see their daughter North West walking. Kanye took a picture of his baby North West's first step that Kim posted on her Instagram later on.
Jennifer Lopez celebrates her Birthday with Style
Jennifer Lopez Celebrates her Birthday with Style
The songstress and actress, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 45th birthday with style.

Larry Magid: San Francisco’s Electronic Frontier Foundation Launches Plug-In To See If You’re Being Tracked Online

Source: CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco’s Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new plug-in that tells people whether they’re being tracked while online. You can install the program on either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which are two of the more popular browsers. When you go to a site, a panel (for lack of a better term) comes up that tells you how many trackers there are. I looked at a site and there were 18 trackers, but they were for the ...
Full article at: CBS San Francisco 3 days ago, 7:14pm CDT

EFF Launches Free Privacy Badger For Firefox And Chrome To Block Hidden Trackers

Source: Forbes

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( has released its free Privacy Badger for Firefox and Chrome that shows trackers and widgets that may be surreptitiously recording your web activity. This would include such things as third party tracking cookies placed by ad networks or "w ...
Full article at: Forbes 3 days ago, 2:06pm CDT

RIAA & MPAA To Government: Spy On Hard Drives

RIAA & MPAA To Government: Spy On Hard Drives
If reading the novel 1984 left you huddled for days in a paranoid, depressive coma, you probably don't want to finish...
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