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Depression Can be Screened by Waiting Room Depression Test

Depression Tests Are Available Now
The latest research shows that depression and anxiety screening tests can be sent to doctors after the patients fill out questionnaires in the waiting room. Such a standard procedure is available now in many hospitals.
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Ingram Micro Becomes Oversold (IM)

Source: Business Balla

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Group Buys Heinz
Legendary investor Warren Buffett advises to be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. One way we can try to measure the level of fear in a given stock is thr ...
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The women’s majlis: cartoons not always safe for children

Source: The National Newspaper

Every mother fears for her child’s safety and well-being, but with technology invading our lives rapidly, it’s become more difficult for us to keep some th ...
Full article at: The National Newspaper 6 hours ago

Sina Weibo's Censored Images Reveal Fear of China's Elite

Sina Weibo's Censored Images Reveal Fear of China's Elite
A US-based site published many pictures that were deemed as a danger to the integrity of the state and get censored on the 'China's Twitter' Sina Weibo. Some of them were ludicrously funny since the fact that they were censored was almost Orwellian in its nature.
Read more Nov 16 2013, 6:44am CST

Black Lips bring patented punk rock antics to Paradise

Source: Daily Free Press

Snowball Music Festival
If there is one word to describe the Black Lips, it has to be “weird.” And when I say that, I don’t mean pseudo-hipster, beanie- and flannel-wearing weird. I mean straight-up drooling, wildly gesticulating, out-of-tune-yet-somehow-working weird. When the kings of quirk took the stage at Paradise Rock Club Saturday evening, there was already the expectation that it would be an odd evening. The band is k ...
Full article at: Daily Free Press 17 hours ago

20 Fears Jack Black Can Help You Overcome

Source: Huffington Post: College

Drake Bell "Ready Steady Go!" Album Release Party
OMG! It's J.B.! Are you thinking Jonas Brothers? Justin Bieber? Well, you'd be wrong. Why does no one ever think of Jack Black!? Upon closer inspection, the true J.B. is the source of answers to your questions, resolutions to your New Year's, and most importantly, solutions to your fears. Fear of heights (your height)? J.B. teaches you to overcome your height anxiety even after the realization that there's no place to put your face when you're the s ...
Full article at: Huffington Post: College 22 hours ago, 4:19pm CDT

Methods For The Relief Of Annoying Anxiety

Source: Experience Project

Anxiety can be extremely frightening. It may stop you from experiencing the special moments that the life brings. It might also stop you from e ...
Full article at: Experience Project 1 day ago, 1:41pm CDT

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Is Marketing on Facebook Still Relevant In 2015?
Is Marketing on Facebook Still Relevant In 2015?
A recent study done by researchers at Princeton University suggests that Facebook will experience a rapid decline in activity over the next few years. The research, which compares the lifecycle of popular social networking sites to the lifecycle of...
Single complaint sparks NHTSA investigating into 60k 2014 Chevrolet Impalas
Single complaint sparks NHTSA investigating into 60k 2014 Chevrolet Impalas
Driver says anti-collision brake system activated without need
Ronald McDonald gets a Makeover
Ronald McDonald gets a Makeover
McDonald's brand ambassador Ronald McDonald gets a makeover and a new mission.

Shootings, impunity: 'extreme fear' stalks Pakistan's media

Source: NDTV

Prime Minister Tony Abbott Addresses the Asia Society
The shooting of one of Pakistan's most famous TV presenters has highlighted the climate of "extreme fear" facing the country's media, journalists say, as hard ...
Full article at: NDTV 1 day ago, 11:42pm CDT

Brain circuits involved in emotion discovered by neuroscientists

Source: Science Daily

Dow Falls As Technology Sector Stocks Tumble
A brain pathway that underlies the emotional behaviors critical for survival have been discovered by neuroscientists. The team has identified a chain of neural connections which links central survival circuits to the spinal cord, causing the body to freeze when experiencing fear. Understanding how these central neural pathways work is a fundamental step towards developing effective treatments for emotional disord ...
Full article at: Science Daily 1 day ago, 7:23pm CDT

Tom Clancy Died at Age of 66

Tom Clancy Died at Age of 66
Bestselling author Tom Clancy died last night.
Read more Oct 2 2013, 9:30am CDT


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