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Glee Star Asks for Privacy after Cory Monteith Death

Glee Star Asks for Privacy after Cory Monteith Death
31-year old Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead on Saturday. His co-star and girlfriend Lea Michele asks for privacy after this tragic loss.
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A Tale of Two Time Jumps: How ‘Glee’s’ Final Season Will Be Different From ‘One Tree Hill’s’

Source: Flavorwire

Ryan Lochte (C), Ryan Murphy (ottom) and
The quirky universe of Glee — sometimes a campy paean to musical theatre, other times a heart-wrenching after-school special — has undergone a few different mutations since Cory Monteith’s death last July. Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry’s diverging paths were meant to intersect once again in the series finale, in a final scene showrunner Ryan Murphy said he’d planned for years. But when Cory — and with him, Finn — died, ...
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‘Glee’s Final Season To Have New Location, Final Scene About Rachel & Will Schuester

Source: Deadline

Ryan Lochte (C), Ryan Murphy (ottom) and
After departing McKinley High to move to New York full-time for the latter part of this season, the musical dramedy looked destined to end its run in the Big Apple. That won’t be the case, co-creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy said in a press call yesterday. “The final season is its own story in its own location; it is not New York-centric at all,” Murphy said, as reported by TVLine. “It really is a lovely, fitting season that dwells on the original people on the ...
Full article at: Deadline 1 day ago, 2:54pm CDT

Finn gives Middlesex control at Lord's

Source: BBC Sport

Steven Finn Press Conference
Steven Finn continues his push for an England Test recall by helping Middlesex take control aga ...
Full article at: BBC Sport 1 day ago, 12:53pm CDT

Big News on Glee's Final Season: Goodbye, New York. Hello, Time Jump

Source: BuzzSugar

Ryan Lochte (C), Ryan Murphy (ottom) and
Glee has a few more episodes before it closes out its fifth season, but producer Ryan Murphy is already thinking ahead. Next season will be the show's last, and on a conference call this week, Murphy told reporters, including Vulture, some huge news about season six. Not only will the two episodes cut from this season be tacked onto next season (for a total of 24 episodes), but also, the entire ending has been altered in ...
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Records / The Hold Steady: Teeth Dreams

Source: cokemachineglow

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - March 31, 2014
Good album producers are like good sports team owners: you don’t notice them. At best, they can be positive facilitators, but the spotlight remains predominantly on the band or ball club in question. The St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are two of the best run, most successful sports franchises of the past few years, and I’m pretty sure nobody outside of the core fanbase has any idea who owns them. But then you’ve go ...
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Finn and Taylor push England claims

Source: BBC Sport

England Cricket Team Take Part In Sport Relief Mile In Chittagong
Steven Finn and James Taylor impress in their bid for England recalls as Nottinghamshire enjoy the better of day one aga ...
Full article at: BBC Sport 3 days ago, 1:29pm CDT

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Samsung Galaxy S5 sales appear to be twice better than S4's
Samsung Galaxy S5 sales appear to be twice better than S4's
The new flagship has managed to sell 30% more units as compared to the predecessor
Valerie Harper is not free from cancer
Valerie Harper is not free from cancer
Mary Tyler Moore Show actress was diagnosed of terminal brain cancer
Tori Spelling on True Tori with Cheating Hubby Dean
Tori Spelling on True Tori with Cheating Hubby Dean
Tori Spelling is to appear soon on her very own reality TV show True Tori with her cheating hubby Dean McDermott.

The Hold Steady at The Hollow, Albany [Uncertain Principles]

Source: ScienceBlogs

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
This was kind of a dispiriting week in a lot of ways, but as mentioned in yesterday’s links dump, Kate and I had tickets for the Hold Steady in Albany last night. And since schools are closed next week, we packed SteelyKid and The Pip off to Grandma and Grandpa’s, and went to a rock show. If you’re not familiar with the Hold Steady, you’re obviously not following me on Twitter, because I’ve been obsessing about them for a while now– since 2005 or so. ...
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What time is it? Anniversary Time

Source: State Press

Saidaiji Temple Naked Festival Takes Place
On April 5, 2010, Adventure Time began running on Cartoon Network. Four years later, with the highest viewership and ratings since, people of all ages are waiting for the sixth season of this post-apocalyptic “children’s” show to start. The Emmy award-winning show’s first season dives straight into action with the main characters, Finn the Human and his shapeshifting, adoptive brother Jake the Dog, heroically traveling the colorful, Dungeons & Dragons-inspired Land of Ooo, ...
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It's National Sibling Day! Here Are The Best TV Siblings Of All Time

Source: The Huffington Post

Families Of Chinese MH370 Passengers Pray For Their Relatives
It’s National Sibling Day! To celebrate, we’ve come up with a killer list of great sibling relationships throughout TV history. From fighting demons to fighting acne and everything in between, these sibling duos – and trios – have taught us all a thing or two about familial love and why having a sibling totally rocks! Dean and Sam Winchester – "Supernatural" The family that battles demons to ...
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