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Gene Hackman

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Antz (Released in 1998) - An animation movie with the voices of Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Sylvester Stallone, Dan Aykroyd, Anne Bancroft, Gene Hackman

Source: classic english movies

This is a story about Z-1495 (voice of Woody Allen), an ant who displays neurotic traits in his behavior and lives in a colony in Central Park NYC. Z is a workaholic who is typically individualistic and has few friends, the two closest to him are Azteca (Jennifer Lopez) and Weaver (Sylvester Stallone). Z is surprised that he has survived in NYC, given his apprehensions regarding crowds, claustrophobia - he owe ...
Full article at: classic english movies 4 days ago, 6:49am CDT


The Transcriptionist by Amy Rowland

Source: The Rumpus

The ideal reader for Amy Rowland’s The Transcriptionist is stranded in public, waiting. I don’t mean to suggest that this novel is light, or lacks rigor, but simply that distraction—people milling about, talking, laughing, shouting—accents this book like music. Myself, I read The Transcriptionist while waiting at National Tire & Battery for car repairs, while flying home for a visit, and while sitting on a bench in Houston’s busiest mall. In each case, the ambient noise fused with the novel ...
Full article at: The Rumpus 6 days ago, 9:00am CDT

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Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor Hairstyle For Batman v Superman May Surprise You!

Source: PerezHilton

The casting of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice took a lot of fans by surprise. Not only is he a bit younger than the traditional casting (Lex was previously played by Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey), but he also doesn't have the villain's iconic bald pate. In fact, he has kind of the opposite- a head full of thick, curly hair! So will he shave his famous hair? Wear a bald cap? Well, apparently the actor has bee ...
Full article at: PerezHilton Jun 19 2014, 7:03am CDT

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice: Lex Luthor Will Have Hair!

Source: movie fanatic

There are few iconic villains as impactful as Lex Luthor in the Superman series. And regardless of whether it in the comic books, the movies (like Gene Hackman in Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies) or on TV in Smallville, one thing has remained the same: He’s as bald as an eagle. That will not be the case in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! We kind of wondered that when it was announced that Zack Snyder had cast Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and we honestly could im ...
Full article at: movie fanatic Jun 18 2014, 1:40pm CDT

Luthor Has Been Spotted! How's His Hair?

Source: Latino Review

The good folks over at Batman-News have a source that has seen Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor in the flesh. There has been plenty of filming over at the LexCorp set, and a source that spotted him claims to have the answer to the big question on everyone's mind:Is. He. Bald?The answer?No. At least not yet.Their source claims that Eisenberg doesn't just have hair, but has lots of it. His hair is longer than usual, has been dyed dirty blonde, and it's loose and wavy, as oppose ...
Full article at: Latino Review Jun 18 2014, 10:05am CDT

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