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Grumpy Cat

Breaking News about Grumpy Cat:

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Peter Dinklage, Grumpy Cat Photo Forever Wins The Internet!!!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip

Romeo and Juliet; Batman and Robin; Kim and Kanye - history is full of great partnerships, but never before have two beings come together as harmoniously as these two Gods of the Internet. Ladies and gentleman, we present you...Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat: Yes, fans have been pointing out their resemblance for years, and today the man who's portrayed one of TV's most memorable cha ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Gossip Jun 27 2014, 3:24pm CDT


Will Naked Jeff Koons be the art world's Grumpy Cat?

Source: la times

Sure, there are important regional biennials and quiet retrospectives of under-regarded artists going on all around town, but what currently has the art world all atitter is the sight of Jeff Koons' bare posterior. The artist recently posed for Vanity Fair ... without ...
Full article at: la times Jun 16 2014, 9:39pm CDT

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The Amazing Acro-Cats Return to Seattle

Source: The Stranger

Even if you're not a cat owner yourself, chances are you've probably seen your fair share of odd feline behavior this year. If you've spent any time online, you're aware that cats have achieved an unprecedented level of visibility, whether it's the latest cat news story going viral, or the media presence of bona-fide celebrities like Maru and Grumpy Cat. However, if you're looking for some in-person, species-defying excitemen ...
Full article at: The Stranger Jun 12 2014, 6:34pm CDT

Grumpy Cat's upcoming Christmas special could be the death of cinema

Source: Engadget

Scene: a theater full of people, laughing at images of butts with farting noises played as a soundtrack. It's satire from the world of Idiocracy, but we may not be that far off -- Lifetime has decided to ma ...
Full article at: Engadget Jun 12 2014, 4:03pm CDT

Grumpy Cat Is Getting a Lifetime Movie That Somehow Crosses 'Home Alone' With 'Die Hard'


Image memes have already begun invading all your time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and beyond, and soon they'll be invading your movies, too. At least if you watch the Lifetime Channel. That's where Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever will be found this holiday season. Yes, this is the second time someone has tried to make a movie about Grumpy Cat. Rocko's Modern Life writer and Hop director Tim Hill is helping bring ...
Full article at: Jun 12 2014, 3:34pm CDT

Grumpy Cat to Star in Least Cheerful Christmas Movie Ever

Source: BusinessWeek

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever is being promoted as "a little Home Alone and a little ...
Full article at: BusinessWeek Jun 12 2014, 12:17pm CDT

Grumpy Cat is the perfect Lifetime movie star

Source: Salon

Tori Spelling and Lindsay Lohan made the leap first. Now an iconic but untalented kitty i ...
Full article at: Salon Jun 12 2014, 11:47am CDT

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Hollywood Playbook: Thursday's Top 5 News Items

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After the Grumpy Cat movie, which other memes should be made into films?

Source: the guardian

With news that the internet hero Grumpy Cat will be starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie, we'd love to hear which other well-loved internet memes could translate ...
Full article at: the guardian Jun 12 2014, 8:25am CDT


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