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Breaking News about healthcare:

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Google I/O: Google Fit Intro Conference Wisely Shies Away From Health

Google I/O: Google Fit Intro Conference Wisely Shies Away From Health
Google left out a key word in previewing its Google Fit data-aggregation platform this week: “health.” While Apple...
Read more Jun 27 2014, 5:00am CDT


Medicare: Why A Medicare Reformer Resigned?

Medicare Reformer Offers his Resignation
A Medicare reformer recently offered his resignation. Medicare pays up to 80% of what private insurance companies pay doctors in the United States.
Read more Apr 23 2014, 8:22am CDT

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Bill addressing admission status receives praise

Source: McKnight's Long Term Care News

A bill that would require hospitals to give patients a formal notice of their admission status has received strong support from healthcare associati ...
Full article at: McKnight's Long Term Care News 4 hours ago

Setting Healthcare Interop On Fire

Setting Healthcare Interop On Fire
There’s a new software standard for sharing health data that’s gaining a lot of interest and support. Still in “...
Read more Mar 31 2014, 12:46am CDT

Non-profit Palmetto Project helps LGBT people get healthcare coverage

Source: Charleston City Paper

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) — better known as Obamacare — has been controversial on both sides of the political spectrum.. ...
Full article at: Charleston City Paper 7 hours ago

Global Healthcare Environment Strategy Firm appoints British Medical Research Expert as its European Director

Source: Cision Wire

Dr Steven Bradshaw (, a medical research expert, has been appointed as the European Director of a leading global healthcare environment strategy consulting firm, Market Access Solutions ( (MKTXS). MKTXS provides consulting services on market access, health economics, outcomes research, product pricing and portfolio evaluations to the world’s top healthcare technology companies. It helps te ...
Full article at: Cision Wire 7 hours ago

Re-Engineering Healthcare To Eliminate Preventable Deaths

Joe Kiani is a busy man.  As the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Masimo Corporation, a global medical device...
Read more Mar 13 2014, 4:51am CDT

Latest stories

New Video Shows Orlando Bloom Punch the Bieber over Miranda Kerr
New Video Shows Orlando Bloom Punch the Bieber over Miranda Kerr
A new video gives a clear view of the punch Orlando Bloom landed on Justin Bieber. Was it over Miranda Kerr?
Dollarbird App Review
Dollarbird App Review
Dollarbird is a cutting-edge finance tracking application that has received quite an applause by the numerous users. It is a far-reaching and dynamic tool for handling your finances and it assists you in placing your money in places that matter. It enables you to effortlessly have a trajectory and make a thorough prognosis about your finances.
Light Flow App Review
Light Flow App Review
The Light flow app is particularly useful for those users who find it difficult to manage and/or respond to their notifications. Light flow ideally allows you to take full control of the notifications on your Smartphone. The app allows you to set different sound patterns on mobile vibration in order to alert you for your notifications.

Napier Healthcare appoints Mohammad Shublaq as Director of Business Development

Source: AME Info

Napier Healthcare, a leading healthcare technology and services provider, has named Mohammad Shublaq as Director of Business Development for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based in Riyadh, Mohammad will take the helm of Napier’s overall business expansion in the territory, covering the areas of Business Development, Sales, Al ...
Full article at: AME Info 7 hours ago

Horowitz: Congress Rushing Through Massive New Healthcare Entitlement Before August Recess

Source: Big Government

In a classic Washingtonian political maneuver, both parties are prepared to introduce a massive new Veterans Affairs health care entitlement and force members to vote up or down on the entire package before they hustle off to their awaiting flights home for the August recess. While containing one or two good proposals, the Sanders-Miller conference agreement will create a new entitlement, possibly as big as Medicare Part D, without addressing the fundamental problems with the VA that are ...
Full article at: Big Government 18 hours ago, 3:32pm CDT

What Ails Mt. Sinai Hospital Ails The Entire US Healthcare System

A Bloomberg News article raises extremely troubling questions about policies and procedures that have made the Mt....
Read more Mar 6 2014, 6:36pm CST


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