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Heath Ledger

Breaking News about Heath Ledger:

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Wolverine hosts Oscars tonight

XMen's Wolverine star actor is taking the stage in the Kodak Theater in LA to host the Oscars 2009 tonight. Hugh...
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Aussie superheros

Source: Spectator Magazine

Recently I was sent a graphic novel, or as we might have called it in the past, a collection of comic strips. This hardback volume, published (with the help of crowdfunding) by comics aficionado Nat Karmichael, contains artist Monty Wedd’s 146-part ‘true crime’ biography from the 1970s, Ned Kelly. Wedd was a history buff as well as an accomplished artist, so his visual detail was impressive, as was his day-by-day scrutiny of the short lives of the Kelly Gang (which, like the sho ...
Full article at: Spectator Magazine 8 hours ago

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Is Joaquin Phoenix Doctor Strange?

Source: movie fanatic

Comic-Con is abuzz that a major announcement from Marvel Studios will be landing tomorrow that hey have found their Doctor Strange for director Scott Derrickson. Last week rumors had placed Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, but given what Cumberbatch said here at Comic-Con about it, that rumor died immediately. But, the word is now that Marvel’s latest superhero will be Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix. We thin ...
Full article at: movie fanatic 5 days ago, 8:12pm CDT

Chemo Notes

Source: Spectator Magazine

It’s now six months since I was diagnosed with cancer. That was a terrible start to the year. The surgeon informed me that, at my stage of the disease, survival rates are low. ‘But don’t give up hope,’ he added, having just made it sound hopeless. One thing, however, prevented me from becoming miserable: the fact that it didn’t make sense. Lord Byron, Mozart, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc and Heath Ledger were all younger than me when they died. But they had achieved ...
Full article at: Spectator Magazine 1 week ago, 10:00pm CDT

LEGO Set to Unveil Awesome 'The Dark Knight' Tumbler Model at Comic-Con


If you think your LEGO version of Gotham City is complete, think again. With Comic-Con starting this weekend, the world's most famous block-maker is set to unveil another creation sure to set comic geeks’ hearts a-fluttering: a massive version of the Tumbler vehicle from The Dark Knight. LEGO will display the new 1,800+ piece vehicle at the convention in San Diego this weekend, with plans to release it for the masses this fall. The intricately detailed model ...
Full article at: Jul 22 2014, 11:00am CDT

Cool Stuff: The Dark Knight Tumbler Lego Out September

Source: slash film

Outside of Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance, arguably the most iconic addition to the Batman universe thanks to Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Trilogy was the Tumbler. The way Nolan created a functional, realistic Batmobile and continued to evolve it over the course of three films was just beyond cool. It was one of those things fans and non-fans alike wanted to own when they walked out of the movie. And while The Dark Knight Tumbler has been available in various different ways, it’ ...
Full article at: slash film Jul 21 2014, 2:00pm CDT

21-Year-Old Actress Who Played Mel Gibson’s Daughter In ‘The Patriot’ Found Dead

Source: CBS Los Angeles

HOUSTON (AP) — Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak, who portrayed Mel Gibson’s young daughter in the 2000 film “The Patriot,” died in her Houston home, her mother said Sunday. She was 21. Bartusiak’s mother, Helen Bartusiak, told The Associated Press the actress had been living in a garage apartment at her parents’ home. She said the actress’ boyfriend found her unresponsive on her bed Saturday. Helen Bartu ...
Full article at: CBS Los Angeles Jul 20 2014, 5:50pm CDT

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Neil Patrick Harris works with LG Electronics on Art Competition
Neil Patrick Harris works with LG Electronics on Art Competition
Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor, producer, director and modern art enthusiast Neil Patrick Harris is teaming up with LG Electronics USA for a digital Art Competition.
Miranda Kerr is Topless in new Commercial
Miranda Kerr is Topless in new Commercial
Australian model Miranda Kerr goes topless for new Jeans commercial. Watch below.
Tara Reid Survived Sharknado 2 with Sawhand
Tara Reid Survived Sharknado 2 with Sawhand
The #Sharknado2TheSecondOne movie aired Wednesday night. It as not as big on Twitter as the first one.

Post Batman vs Superman: Who Is The BEST Villain For Dark Knight Reboot?

Source: movie pilot

With a standalone Ben Affleck Batman film most likely coming in the future, after the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and the Justice League (2017), With Batman's extremely extensive rogues gallery, there are a few options of villains to be in the film. For this list, I shall be excluding the Joker as a main antagonist, because while he is an amazing character, and my personal favorite villain, I just don't think there should be another portrayal of ...
Full article at: movie pilot Jul 18 2014, 4:41am CDT

17 Villains That Need Origins Stories: Bad to the Beginning

Source: movie fanatic

With the success of Maleficent, the origins story of the Sleeping Beauty villain, we have an idea! What about more movies come our way that inform us how a classic movie evil doer became so darn bad? We present 17 villains that we want to see in origins story form! There are some fantastic -- heck iconic -- villains across the pantheon of Hollywood history. Surely, there is a rich history behind every single one of them. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for ...
Full article at: movie fanatic Jul 15 2014, 1:55pm CDT

Gotham: The Joker Revealed in New Stills From the Pilot?

Source: movie pilot

There aren't many more iconic figures in comic-dom than The Joker - especially when it comes to screen adaptations. Whether played by Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger, or voiced by Mark Hamill, the Clown Prince of Crime has stolen a place in our hearts - and nightmares:Which is why, when a new set of screencaps from the upcoming Gotham pilot were released by Bleeding Cool, we were inevitably on the lookout for the biggest bad not yet announced to be appearing in the show...The J ...
Full article at: movie pilot Jul 14 2014, 10:52am CDT


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