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Kill Bill Costume - Yellow Bruce Lee Jump Suit

Halloween is still over a month away, but because it looks like Kill Bill Costumes are a hot topic, I did some research...
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15 weird and wonderful uses for Helvetica

Source: 3D World

Traditional Woodblock Printing In Chengdu
Read more about 15 weird and wonderful uses for Helvetica at Helvetica, the typeface so iconic that they even made a movie about it, is often accused of being a boring and obvious choice. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here we present examples of typography-obsessed creatives who have taken the iconic sans-serif typeface and done somethin ...
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POP's Prints Pair Landmarks With Their Font Counterparts

Source: Complex

Traditional Woodblock Printing In Chengdu
These prints come in Futura, Helvetica, and Garamond. ...
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NCAA Basketball Championship Preview: Analysis Points to Wildcat Win

Source: Big Government

Two years ago NBC Sports had one big question about Value Add: “[H]ow (is) Shabazz Napier the 11th most valuable player in the country?" “I’m not going to nitpick at the numbers too much,” the sports site continued. “This really is some terrific work by Pudner…and who knows, maybe Shabazz Napier actually is more valuable to UConn than Kidd-Gilchrist is to Kentucky.” As much as Napier has vindicated Value Add in the two years ...
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Artist Uses Type For Paint In Gorgeous Travel Posters

Source: Fact or Design

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Swedish designer Per Nilsson has created prints of skyscrapers and pyramids using Futura, Garamond, and Helvetica as his "paint."At least since the invention of the typewriter, people have been using type to create art. In 1893, the first typographic pictures of Christopher Columbus, the Santa Maria, and a butterfly were laboriously pecked out, letter by letter, on an old Underwood. In the 1920s, Bauhaus artist H.N. Werkman used type to create abstract art. And before we took ...
Full article at: Fact or Design Apr 2 2014, 8:45am CDT

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