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Mobb Deep Performs At The House Of BluesMobb Deep Performs At The House Of BluesMobb Deep Performs At The House Of Blues

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Cell Phone Holsters...Bad For Your Bones?

Cell Phone Holsters...Bad For Your Bones?
Back in the day, I had a huge, bulky sliding Windows Mobile smartphone. I don't remember the make or the model, but I...
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Women with wide hips are 'more likely to have one-night stands'

Source: Daily Mail - UK

"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere
This is essentially because women with hips wider than 14 inches across find childbirth less traumatic, the Leeds University researchers suggest. ...
Full article at: Daily Mail - UK 21 hours ago, 12:33pm CDT

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Hip width, sexual behavior compared

Source: Science Daily

Hip width and risk of birth-related trauma may play a role in a woman's decision to have sex. Women who were more inclined to have one-night stands had wider hips, reveals a study into how a woman's build influences her sexual behavior. Results of the study show that the number of sexual partners a woman had is largely driven by one-night stand behavior. This, in turn, correlates with a woman' ...
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Goat scares the s–t out of a hipster [VIDEO]

Source: The Daily Caller

China Daily Life - Culture
This one scares the s--t out of a ...
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10 Stylists Tell Us How to Avoid Dressing Like a "Basic Bitch" at Coachella

Source: Paper Magazine

China Daily Life - Culture
Your Coachella passes have been purchased, your flight's been booked, your tent has been packed and now the only thing left is to figure out your festival outfit. You've spent weeks scoping the goods on ASOS and have popped into Topshop so many times that you practically know their entire inventory, but each time you gravitate towards another floral romper or fringe-y suede vest, it dawns on you: you're going to look like every. single. basic. bitch. there. (You can fin ...
Full article at: Paper Magazine Apr 10 2014, 4:45pm CDT

Which Hipster Job Is Perfect For You?

Source: Huffington Post: College

Hipster Cup 2013 In Berlin
There are many normal jobs in the world -- mechanic, teacher and salesman all come to mind. But why have one of those when you can gun for a job few even know exist? A job so obscure it won't be cool for years? Yes, we're talking about hipster jobs. From rooftop gardener to fountain pen doctor, hipster jobs fill two purposes for the independent-spirited, oft-tattooed individual. One, you make enough to afford that Japanese-style siphon coffee y ...
Full article at: Huffington Post: College Apr 9 2014, 11:23am CDT

Interview: From phishing to politics: Kaspersky outlines the state of security in 2014

Source: TechRadar UK

IntroductionKaspersky Lab opened a new central London office toward the end of 2013 to serve as a European hub for its employees and customers.To find out more about the company's operations and to gain insight into the challenges facing the security industry in 2014, TechRadar Pro spoke to David Emm, senior regional researcher at Kaspersky UK.TechRadar Pro: Why has Kaspersky opened its new Europea ...
Full article at: TechRadar UK Apr 4 2014, 6:00am CDT

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Sara Kapfer ends 20 Year Marriage to Cuba Gooding Jr.
Sara Kapfer ends 20 Year Marriage to Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr. is seeing the end to his 20 year marriage with Sara Kapfer. They have three sons who Sara will take custody of.
Brian Williams is Hilarious on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Brian Williams is Hilarious on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
What is even funnier than the Tonight's show fake rap videos of Brian Williams is watching him as guest on the show. Brian Williams was guest on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week. Watch the full appearance bowl. It is hilarious. Also watch the latest Brian Williams rap. It is viral with over 6m views.
Mariah Carey Booked Entire Plane Cabin
Mariah Carey Booked Entire Plane Cabin
Mariah Carey is known for her luxurious lifestyle. Carey recently booked an entire first class air plane cabin for travelling from New York to France at cost of £70,000.

4 Say-What? Things Your Yoga Teacher Says (And What They Really Mean)

Source: Women's Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Beauty

Petar Glumac, alternative medicine heale
Learn how to translate yogi speak. We've all been there: You're finding a great flow during yoga class when your teacher asks you to "spiral your thighbones," and you suddenly feel like you need an anatomy lesson. Can thighbones seriously spiral? TaraMarie Perri, founder and director of the Perri Institute for Mind and Body, a communi ...
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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Launches New Young Adult Hip Preservation Program

Source: PRWeb

Saidaiji Temple Naked Festival Takes Place
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's unique new Young Adult Hip Preservation Program is designed to preserve, adjust or restore natural hip function and allow adolescents and young adults to resume their busy lifestyles.(PRWeb April 02, 2014)Read the full story at ...
Full article at: PRWeb Apr 2 2014, 11:15am CDT

Pique out for four weeks


Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
Pique fell heavily in the early stages of Barcelonas 1-1 draw with Atletico Madrid in Tuesdays UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg and was subbed off soon after. Barca initially described the injury as pelvic bruising but further tests after the match showed Pique suffered a crack in his right hip, although the clubs description of the damage ensured there is still doubt over the exact nature of the problem. Pique will be out for four weeks for an acetabular tear in his ...
Full article at: Apr 1 2014, 8:39pm CDT


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