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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Gallery : Isaac Newton

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Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere PartyBasketball Wives LA Season Premiere PartyPortrait of Isaac Newton

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Desktop Newton's Cradle for $8 + free shipping

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Why Edward Snowden deserves a fair and open trial

Source: Russia Today

Snowden obviously remains a highly controversial figure and the American public is deeply divided in defining him as a hero and patriot, or a traitor. There are many different polls on this subject, but practically all of them show this division. For example, one of the latest polls shows that 55 percent think he is a hero for revealing that the NSA collected phone data on millions of ordinary Americans, while 31 percent believe he is a traitor who stole classified file ...
Full article at: Russia Today Jun 23 2014, 4:52am CDT

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Great Job, Internet!: “Weird Al” Yankovic plays Isaac Newton in Epic Rap Battles Of History

Source: The A.V. Club

Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere Party
Epic Rap Battles Of History, the popular web series that pits famous figures of the past against each other for hyperactively edited hip-hop duels, has cast a few real-life celebrity guest stars in the past—most notably Snoop Lion, as well as Key & Peele. But for their latest battle, “Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye,” the show’s creators managed to score a true elder statesman of comedy musi ...
Full article at: The A.V. Club Jun 18 2014, 12:55pm CDT

What Does The Queen’s Speech And The State Opening Of Parliament Mean

Source: Big Government

US gymnast Alexandra Raisman celebrates
In its current form the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s speech only date back to the opening of the New Palace of Westminster in 1852, after the earlier 1834 fire. But the new Palace had been designed deliberately to accommodate fully a tradition that was much older. So today what the public get to see is a much improved but very firmly traditional ceremony. The day starts with the Yeoman of ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 4 2014, 9:35am CDT

This Ice Sheet Will Unleash A Global Superstorm Sandy That Never Ends

Source: Mother Jones

Richard Gere Visits Universal Orlando Resort and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Hogsmeade
If you want to truly grasp the scale of the Earth's polar ice sheets, you need some help from Isaac Newton. Newton taught us the universal law of gravitation, which states that all objects are attracted to one another in relation to their masses (and the distance between them). The ice sheets covering Antarctica and Greenland are incredibly massive—Antarctica's ice is more than two miles thick in places and ...
Full article at: Mother Jones May 23 2014, 5:00am CDT

Fancy a piece of Apple history? Apple’s original rainbow logo signs being auctioned

Source: 9to5Mac

Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere Party
Apple’s rainbow logo was the symbol of the company from 1977 to 1998, and two of the signs that originally adorned the company’s Cupertino HQ are now being auctioned by Bonhams. They were given to an unnamed “longstanding Apple employee” when they were removed from the building. The larger of the two signs measures 49×46 inches and is made from 1.5-inch thick foam with vinyl stripes. The smaller version i ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac May 19 2014, 6:05am CDT

Weather Blog: Global Warming Contradictions?

Source: CBS Minnesota

Olivia Newton-John Welcome Event At Flamingo Las Vegas
Think this past cold and snowy winter contradicts global warming? Think again … A top-ten tally of 50 days with minus-zero lows in the Twin Cities, a record 60 days of minus-zero temps in Duluth, havoc-wreaking snow and ice in the South and nearly 40 inches of above-normal snowfall in major Northeast cities including Philadelphia, New York City and Boston … (credit: Winter 2013-2014 will forever conjure up bitter memories of extreme cold a ...
Full article at: CBS Minnesota May 16 2014, 3:58pm CDT

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Preparations For Massive iPhone Sales Underway
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Lawmakers like to talk about sex more than they like to talk about potholes

Source: Michigan Public Radio

Basketball Wives LA Season Premiere Party
I have a confession to make. I really am not very interested in your sex life, and see no reason you should be interested in mine. However, I am very interested in not being killed by a giant pothole, or concrete falling off an overpass. And somehow, I’d guess you feel the same way. I just wish our lawmakers did.Today, the University of Michigan is releasing a new study showing that our model of funding road repairs based on h ...
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