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Presidential Advisor Karl Rove ResignsPresidential Advisor Karl Rove ResignsPresidential Advisor Karl Rove Resigns

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Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Not Running for President. So Why’d She Write a Campaign Book?

Source: Mother Jones

Elizabeth Warren, Robert Menendez Discuss Proposed SEC Rule Election Influence
Elizabeth Warren—the senator from Massachusetts, liberal icon, and fundraising machine—has a new book out, A Fighting Chance. It's a memoir and a brisk read. The book begins with Warren's hardscrabble youth in Oklahoma City and traces her unlikely rise from twentysomething single mother teaching legal writing part time to Harvard law professor to United States senator. A Fighting Chance has a casual, ...
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Rove-backed super-PAC collects millions

Source: Arkansas Online

Presidential Advisor Karl Rove Resigns
WASHINGTON — Billionaires B. Wayne Hughes, Paul Singer and Ken Griffin are among two dozen donors who gave $5.2 million last month to American Crossroads, a Republican group ali ...
Full article at: Arkansas Online 1 day ago, 4:57am CDT

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GOP Campaign Committee Has $31 Million To Help Hold On To The House

Source: The Huffington Post

Tom DeLay Appears In Court
WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Republican campaign committee raised almost $10 million in March and has $31.2 million banked to defend the party's majority, according to financial reports filed Sunday. The National Republican Congressional Committee's $21.2 million fundraising haul in January, February and March gave the group its best first-quarter showing since 2003. It also puts the committee roughly $8 million ahead of its fundraising at this point in ...
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Tea Party's Brannon Takes On Establishment's Tillis In North Carolina GOP Senate Primary

Source: Big Government

Dr. Greg Brannon, the Tea Party-endorsed candidate in North Carolina's May 6 Republican Senate primary, is emerging as the top challenger to GOP Establishment-backed front runner, Thom Tillis. Tillis, Speaker of the House in the North Carolina House of Representatives, was expected to sail to the nomination. But two and a half weeks before the primary, Brannon appears to have strong momentum. Brannon has the endorsements of Tea Party favorites Senator Ran ...
Full article at: Big Government 2 days ago, 11:54am CDT

Democrats’ Recovery Dilemma

Source: Outside the Beltway

President Barack Obama Leaves Rome
The economy may be recovering but voters don’t want to hear that, Democratic strategists warn. AP (“Advice to Democrats: Don’t say ‘recovery’“): Election-year memo to Democratic candidates: Don’t talk about the economic recovery. It’s a political loser. So say Democratic strategists in a blunt declaration that such talk skips over “how much trouble people are in, and doesn’t convince them that policymakers really understand or are even focusing on ...
Full article at: Outside the Beltway 4 days ago, 7:14am CDT

Liberal Talking Head Sally Kohn Praises Fox News

Source: Big Government

Before heading over to CNN, left-wing columnist and talking head Sally Kohn was a regular (and very likable) presence throughout Fox News. In a column for the Christian Science Monitor, Kohn waxes affectionate for her time spent at Fox News, especially the people she worked with there, including Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and Bill O'Reilly: My time at Fox News was marked by meeting and working with some of the kindest, smartest, and most talented ...
Full article at: Big Government 4 days ago, 2:11pm CDT

Progressives Will Vote For Kay Hagan, But They're Not Happy About It

Source: Buzzfeed

Senate Democrats Hold News Conference On Student Loan Rates
North Carolina’s progressive activists are critical to Sen. Kay Hagan’s reelection chances — and they want more from her. Live from one of 2014’s toughest races. Yuri Gripas / Reuters / Reuters DURHAM, N.C. — Bill Clay drives a car that runs entirely on recycled vegetable oil, and prominently displays a "No Keystone XL" sign through the back window so drivers behind him can know exactly where he stands. Clay, a North ...
Full article at: Buzzfeed 5 days ago, 4:01am CDT

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E-Z-GO Recall Issued
E-Z-GO Recall Issued
E-Z-GO recall issued for about 30,000 vehicles including Golf cars, shuttles and off-road utility vehicles due to crash hazard.
Sleep Problem Linked To Degenerative Brain Disease
Sleep Problem Linked To Degenerative Brain Disease
A little-known sleep disorder that causes you to act out your dreams can predict the future onset of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or another brain disease, new research shows. In fact, 80 to 90 percent of people who develop Rapid Eye Movement (REM)...
Lytro Illum Now Available for Pre-order
Lytro Illum: Lytro Introdues Light-field Illum Camera
Lytro has introduced its 2nd generation light-field DSLR Illum camera Pre-order now and get the new Lytro Illum at special introductory price of $1499. Lytro Illum will hit shelves in July at regular price of $1599.

Points of Light Announces 2014 Leadership Partners

Source: CSRwire

L'Oreal Paris' Women Of Worth 2013
 Points of Light announced recently its 2014 Leadership Partners, companies whose investments in social responsibility advance Points of Light’s mission to mobilize millions of people to take action that is changing the world. “The support of these Leadership Partners in 2013 enabled us to launch major skills-based volunteering initiatives, develop programs that empower people to create solutions to community ...
Full article at: CSRwire 5 days ago, 10:07pm CDT

Republican Outrage At IRS Is All About Protecting Karl Rove, Dark Money, Dems Say

Source: AOL News

Presidential Advisor Karl Rove Resigns
WASHINGTON -- Republican efforts to punish the Internal Revenue Service for its alleged partisan targeting of political social welfare groups may have accidentally produced several revelations this month, including how poorly the IRS enforces its rules, how many of those groups actually want to ignore those rules, and how much it really is all about Karl Rove.Last year, the IRS was found to have singled out a number of political nonprofits for additi ...
Full article at: AOL News 6 days ago, 3:59pm CDT

Hillary Clinton, Youth Candidate

Source: The American Prospect

Hillary Clinton Addresses Recycling Industries Trade Conference In Las Vegas
Our old colleague Patrick Caldwell has an interesting article up at Mother Jones about the way the Hillary Clinton campaign—or whatever we can call it at this point, since it isn't actually a campaign but it isn't exactly just a bunch of independent people doing their own thing either—is going after college students. I had forgotten how idiotically hostile the Hillary '08 campaign w ...
Full article at: The American Prospect Apr 15 2014, 3:13pm CDT


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