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Kate Bane

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PS4′s lead architect discusses the death of console gaming
Sony PS4 lead Architect talks about the Death of Console Gaming
Five years ago, video game fans and analysts alike would have told you the next console generation would be the last. Many suspected the next round of consoles would fall flat, a prediction which gained some credence after the Wii U took a nosedive...
Is a larger screen really the most sought-after iPhone 6 feature? Survey says no
Nobody cares about Larger iPhone 6 Screen according to Survey
Apple has known for years that consumers want an iPhone with a larger display, as was revealed recently when an internal Apple document from 2012 was revealed during the Apple-Samsung patent trial. But now that iPhones with big screens finally...
Are Child Sex Robots Inevitable in the Future?
Are Child Sex Robots Inevitable in the Future?
With every new technology comes a way to use that technology for sex. Porn dominated the early Internet. Smartphones became the mailing service for scandalous selfies. Google Glass has already been used to make (and watch) an immersive XXX film...