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Sony Prototype-SR HMD mixes Virtual and Real World

Sony Prototype-SR HMD mixes Virtual and Real World
Sony demonstrated a new Head mounted display that could change the future of entertainment.
Read more Sep 21 2012, 4:20am CDT

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PlayStation Orbis aka PS4 Rumor Round-Up

PlayStation Orbis aka PS4 Rumor Round-Up
Sony PlayStation 4 is supposed to be codenamed Orbis. The surfacing of the Sony PS4 codename last week has triggered lots of rumors and leaks about the next generation Sony PlayStation.
Read more Apr 4 2012, 3:34am CDT

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Xbox 360 Spring Update 2008 Feature list leaked

It would about time for the Xbox 360 Dashboard Spring Update. Kotaku received a list of about 80 new features from an...
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Sony Aibo PS Rumor

Sony Aibo PS Rumor
A rumor is circulating that Sony is bringing back their Aibo robot dog in a version that works with the Sony PS3 and...
Read more Dec 9 2007, 5:00am CST

Week in Gaming: Who won E3? Is Destiny any good? And where the hell is my Metroid?

Source: TechRadar UK

"You are shaping the future of Xbox and we are better for it." As Microsoft kicked off another E3, the words of Xbox head Phil Spencer were massively significant. Microsoft has spent the last 12 months backtracking, fixing and cleaning up the mess that last year's show left, but for perhaps the first time ever it felt like the company was able to stand up and focus on what mattered most: the games.Yes it was big, it was loud, it opened with Call of ...
Full article at: TechRadar UK Jun 15 2014, 6:57am CDT

More Slim/Small Sony PSP Details

Kotaku published more details about a smaller Sony PSP that Sony is apparently working on. The gaming site says to have...
Read more Jun 8 2007, 10:30am CDT

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