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Lara Logan

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Lara Logan Of CBS NewsLara Logan Of CBS NewsLara Logan Of CBS News

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Lara Logan Returns to Work after 6 Months

60 Minutes' Lara Logan Returns to CBS News after 6 Months After Forced Leave of Absence
Read more Jun 5 2014, 5:06am CDT


14 People Who Got Fired For Tweeting

Source: Business Insider

Social media! It's ruling our lives, and it's ruined some people's livelihoods. It's not terribly difficult to imagine some people losing their jobs over inappropriate or contentious use of Facebook, but surely Twitter and its 140-character limit don't pose a danger, right? You obviously still need to be mindful in how you use it. The "medium is the message," as we've heard, but the message can still have significant repercussion ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jul 11 2014, 2:29pm CDT

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Iraq Hawks Still Dominating Media Discussion During New Crisis

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

SiriusXM's No Labels Radio
11 years after the invasion of Iraq, viewers could be forgiven for thinking it was still 2003, given the seemingly endless stream of hawkish pundits and politicians who appear to be far outweighing their counterparts in the debate about the country's latest crisis. The Sunday shows were heavily tilted in favor of guests who had supported the Iraq invasion or who supported current military intervention. "Meet The Press" was a veritable parade of hawks and war supporters. F ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 16 2014, 8:16am CDT

Understanding the Haqqani-Taliban-Al Qaeda Relationship--in the Haqqanis' Own Words

Source: Big Government

There have been suggestions among some in the media that the Haqqani Network (who were the terrorists Bowe Bergdahl was with) is somehow a separate entity from the Taliban. Al Qaeda is not even being mentioned in this regard, which is a grave error.  Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal, which tracks developments on the battlefield for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, reported in 2011:  Claiming that the Haqqani Network is not part of the Taliban is ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 12 2014, 7:44am CDT

CBS News’ huge, fatal disaster: Why heads need to roll at the highest levels

Source: Salon

Lara Logan Of CBS News
Lara Logan isn't even the half of it. From errors to puff pieces and an Aerosmith fetish, it's unending ...
Full article at: Salon Jun 9 2014, 6:47am CDT

The Sports Bettor At The Center Of An Insider Trading Investigation Has An Amazing Track Record That Nobody Can Figured Out

Source: Business Insider

Prominent sports bettor William "Billy" Walters is being investigated in a possible insider trading scheme involving pro golfer Phil Mickelson and billionaire investor Carl Icahn, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters.  The three men haven't been accused of any wrongdoing. It's not even clear if a case will ever be made against them.  Walters, a Kentucky native who resides in Las Vegas, is known for being the "world's biggest s ...
Full article at: Business Insider Jun 2 2014, 8:47am CDT

Lara Logan is Back

Lara Logan is Back
TV correspondent Lara Logan has reportedly returned to work at CBS News. She was suspended after an erroneous 60 Minutes report on Benghazi.
Read more Jun 5 2014, 3:20am CDT

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