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The BBC's Gaza Reporting is Biased and Naive

Source: Big Government

Over the last week BBC news bulletins have, inevitably, led with the Gaza war. This might seem like an obvious, rational choice, although of course it was also the worst week of the last three years in the Syrian war, with at least 1,700 deaths. Still it is fair enough for the BBC to have decided that war and death in Gaza are more important than war and death a few hundred miles to the North. The Syrian war story is relentless and co ...
Full article at: Big Government 22 hours ago, 4:23am CDT


Rare Photos Of Abandoned Soviet Military Bases From Mongolia To Poland

Source: The Business Insider

Photographer Eric Lusito was only 12 when he witnessed the destruction of the Berlin Wall on television in his native Italy. At that point, he had little understanding of the impact the Iron Curtain had on Europe and Asia, but the looks relief on the faces he saw on TV left an indelible mark on him. After working for a few years, Lusito left his industrial job and hit the roads of Europe in his van with a camera and ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Jul 16 2014, 12:53pm CDT

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When Man is the Measure of All Things

Source: Crisis Magazine

The great political philosophy scholar Leo Strauss was supposed to have said that the only two things in life really worth talking about are God and politics. That’s because at a most fundamental level they are inextricably intertwined. A skewed notion of the very nature of God and whether man acknowledges him—or tries to substitute himself for God—is at the crux of the turmoil, fanaticism, and destructiveness of the politics of our day and of much ...
Full article at: Crisis Magazine Jul 2 2014, 2:10am CDT

Finland's Lenin Museum Seeks Revolutionary Change

Source: Europe Home

A small Finnish museum devoted to Lenin is working to repackage its approach to the Bolshevik leader in hopes of s ...
Full article at: Europe Home Jul 1 2014, 4:42am CDT

Searching for Santería

Source: The Rumpus

For a few dollars a day, Isnael scrubbed old paint off of the walls at the home of a friend of mine. The person who’d previously lived in the elegant, decaying house in downtown Havana had used a deep blue watercolor on the walls; Isnael had been hired to dilute the paint with bucket after bucket of water until it slid in slim rivulets over the ornate molding and into tinted puddles on the floor tiles. He worked painstakingly in ...
Full article at: The Rumpus Jun 26 2014, 2:01am CDT

In Culture News: West of Lenin Burglarized, Big Book Distributor Buys Small Book Distributor, and Gary Oldman Is an Insufferable Prick

Source: The Stranger

Happy Solstice! You've Been Robbed: "Police are on the lookout for a burglar after proceeds of a play were stolen at West of Lenin in Fremont Saturday afternoon," reports KOMO. "Surveillance cameras show a brazen man climbing onto a second-story deck, and entering the building through a window. The man took the money from a locked area as actors performed, and was also seen helping himself to beer." HAV ...
Full article at: The Stranger Jun 24 2014, 7:30pm CDT

6 Important Lyme Disease Facts

Source: Experience Project

We gave each student a clothing marker, they were able to be Lenin this the shirt, along the pin line. Sewing It forget about - use stretch ...
Full article at: Experience Project Jun 23 2014, 10:18am CDT

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Patrick Peterson Agrees to 5-Year, $70M Deal with Arizona Cardinals
Patrick Peterson Agrees to 5-Year, $70M Deal with Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals agreed to sign cornerback Patrick Peterson to a five-year, $70 million contract extension on July 29. The deal makes Peterson the highest-paid NFL cornerback.
America’s Got Talent Voting is Now Directly in Google Search
America’s Got Talent Voting is Now Directly in Google Search
This is pretty cool. If you search AGT or America’s Got Talent on Google you can vote right on the Google Search results page in a voting widget.
Usain Bolt says Commonwealth Games are a bit Shit
Usain Bolt says Commonwealth Games are a bit Shit
Oh no he didn't! The Scottish are not happy after sprint sensation Usain Bolt said that the Commonwealth Games are a bit Shit.


Source: Official Dave Barry Blog

Polish town erects statue of a urinating Lenin (Thanks to Another Ral ...
Full article at: Official Dave Barry Blog Jun 13 2014, 9:07am CDT

ISIS Winning in Iraq Despite Being Outnumbered 15:1

Source: Big Government

The seizure of Iraq’s second largest city by a group too ruthless to make it in “core” al Qaeda represents the culmination of years of history and a U.S. foreign policy that has failed to properly conceive of and counter the Al Qaeda movement at its most basic level. Long War Journal recently produced an excellent GEOINT model of ISIS’s gains across Iraq and Syria; though ISIS’s control of the towns and cities in question is not ...
Full article at: Big Government Jun 13 2014, 3:54am CDT

How Putin's Russia Reminds Me of When I Was Censored by the Department of Jokes

Source: Politics - The Huffington Post

I was recently performing my one-man Broadway show "Happily Ever Laughter" at a theater in Los Angeles. With great expectation (a feeling every professional comedian knows so well), I delivered a new joke. "In Ukraine, they now have a new ice cream called Rootin' Tootin' Putin. The flavor will take your freedom away, and you don't even have to eat it. They'll just shove it down your throat." As the crowd roared with laughter, it dawned on me th ...
Full article at: Politics - The Huffington Post Jun 10 2014, 11:26am CDT


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