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PS3 System Update Ends Sony Participation in Folding@home

PS3 System Update Ends Sony Participation in Folding@home

Update lands tomorrow...

Oct 22 2012, 1:09pm CDT

Playstation Life for the PS3 will be free

Sony delays the Playstation Life service but says it will be free of charge. Sony announced previously that Playstation Life f...

Sep 1 2008, 12:05am CDT

Life with Playstation comes to Sony PS3 this Month

Sony announced the Life with Playstation news service for the Sony PS3 in June. The company posted an update on the status of P...

Aug 1 2008, 12:42am CDT

Sony Playstation Life Photos

Sony Playstation Life Photos

Yesterday we reported that Sony teased a new service for the Sony PS3 dubbed Life with Playstation. Sony introduced the new ser...

Jun 27 2008, 2:00pm CDT

Sony PS3 Console to utilize 65nm RSX Chips this Fall

Sony's Kaz Hirai let out some details about the state of the cost cutting of the Sony PS3 hardware. Sony has been shipping PS...

Jun 27 2008, 1:00am CDT

Life with Playstation Service for Sony PS3 coming

Sony is planning to roll out a service called Life with Playstation for the Sony PS3. The new service is supposed to bring ne...

Jun 26 2008, 12:54pm CDT