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If you frequent online forums or websites where lots of geeks handout, you have probably seen someone with a lolcat...
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Hair Of The Week! Flat Twist Side Ponytail – Remix to Bianca Golden’s Style

Source: Curls, Coils, & Kinks

Audi Celebrates The 2014 Golden Globes Weekend - Arrivals
So I have been in a “I don’t feel like doing too much to my hair mood” and I have been looking for a quick, simple style. (Actually, I did this style while at work at my desk). I recently started following Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model on Instagram. Her go-to style is this cute flat twist style- one on each side. I decided to take that look and modify it to having a side ponytail twist. (Can’t think of what else to call it lol) Now, my hair ...
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Last Hope Animal Rescue Comedy Night May 1

Source: The Babylon Beacon

UJA-Federation's 2014 Digital Media Award Celebration
On Thurs., May 1, join Last Hope Animal Rescue at Governor’s in Levittown for our LOL Comedy Night. Tickets are $20 (all of which is donated to Last Hope) and there is a two-drink minimum (which can be soda, coffee, etc.). Governor’s offers a full menu so come early and have dinner. Th ...
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I want to talk about Love :)

Source: Experience Project

LOL Photocall
It's funny because last night (well this morning around 5am ) I quite suddenly had an Epithany ..yep lol I ...
Full article at: Experience Project Apr 15 2014, 10:13am CDT

"The Nobodies Of Comedy" Set To Make Buffalo LOL

Source: WKBW News 7 Buffalo NY

LOL Photocall
The Nobodies Of Comedy"are set to make 710 Main theater goers LOL (laugh out loud). The show features the funniest comics you ...
Full article at: WKBW News 7 Buffalo NY Apr 11 2014, 9:35am CDT

What is LOL all about?

Source: Merinews

Over the last few years, the internet slang abbreviations and acronyms are on a roll and one of them is LOL which is an acronym for "laughing Out Loud" or "Laugh Out Loud". This internet-slang word started on Usenet to become widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communications. Curre ...
Full article at: Merinews Apr 5 2014, 10:31pm CDT

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LOL: What If Superman Was in ‘Gravity’?

Source: Latino Review

Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction - Arrivals
Alfonso Cuarón‘s Gravity revolved entirely around the fact that it’s really, really hard for humans to survive in space. We require expensive equipment just to get there, and high-tech spacesuits to survive for more than a few minutes. Then, even when we’re wearing those, a single mishap can be enough to send us hurtling toward The post LOL: What If Superman Was in ...
Full article at: Latino Review Apr 2 2014, 5:05pm CDT

LOL. Guy Sebastian as you've NEVER seen him...

Source: 97.3 FM

LOL Photocall
Guy Sebastian is known for his cute and lovely nature... But as it happens folks, he has a secret trait! Well, it's not so secret anymore, after he posted this hilarious video on Instagram, where he is clearly taking the mickey out of himself! Accompanying the video? The caption 'Hello ...
Full article at: 97.3 FM Mar 27 2014, 1:19am CDT


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