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Louis C.K.

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Seth Meyers May Have Started a Feud Between Louis C.K and Ricky Gervais

Source: Shalom Life

Gervais and C.K are nominated in the same category at the upcoming Em ...
Full article at: Shalom Life 2 days ago, 3:07pm CDT


Ricky Gervais Angry About Louis C.K. Emmys Competition: 'I Discovered that Big, Sweaty Slob'

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Also on the late night shows, Tony winner Audra McDonald sings Yahoo! ...
Full article at: The Hollywood Reporter 2 days ago, 7:00am CDT

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‘Louie’ Renewed For a Fifth Season, Only 7 Episodes

Source: Shalom Life

FX has announced another season on Louis C.K’s popular show ...
Full article at: Shalom Life 4 days ago, 3:41pm CDT

FX renews 'Louie' for fifth season

Source: la times

A fifth season of Louis C.K.'s critically acclaimed comedy "Louie" will be headi ...
Full article at: la times 5 days ago, 11:45am CDT

‘Louie’ comes down to earth in its season finale

Source: popwatch

At this point, the best way for Louis C.K. to surprise us would be to write a happy ending. And that’s precisely ...
Full article at: popwatch Jun 17 2014, 10:32am CDT

In season four of “Louie,” Louis C.K. cares too much about what we think

Source: Salon

Again and again, he sets up a situation destined to outrage us -- then j ...
Full article at: Salon Jun 17 2014, 7:58am CDT

TV Club: Louie: “Pamela (Part 2)”/“Pamela (Part 3)”

Source: The A.V. Club

Pamela Adlon’s character occupies a unique position on Louie. She’s both antagonist and ally, love interest and romantic repellent. A recurring presence in the first two seasons of the show, she disappeared from Louie’s life with no advance warning—and this year returned just as abruptly. She’s as ineffable as any other aspect of this crazy show, but aside from the girls and the other comi ...
Full article at: The A.V. Club Jun 16 2014, 10:07pm CDT

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Unfinished 'Superman Lives' Documentary Released Trailer, Looking For Funding
Unfinished 'Superman Lives' Documentary Released Trailer, Looking For Funding
Jon Schnepp's The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened? documentary needs more funding, so the director released the trailer with Tim Burton and Kevin Smith.
Apple Acquired BookLamp to Rival Amazon
Apple Acquired BookLamp to Rival Amazon
Apple Incorporated has been said to have surreptitiously acquired “Pandora For Books” startup BookLamp in order to rival the giant Amazon. However, Apple has confirmed the acquisition later on.
Baidu working on its own driverless cars project
Baidu working on its own driverless cars project
China’s Baidu follows in Google’s footsteps as it reveals it’s working on partial self-drive cars

Common Core sparks flood of legislation

Source: McClatchy DC

Stephen Colbert mocked it. Comedian Louis C.K. called it a "massive stress ball that hangs over the whole school." And lawmakers in state capitols spent countless hours over the past…Click to Continue » ...
Full article at: McClatchy DC Jun 16 2014, 3:00am CDT

'Louie' Takes on Marijuana with a New, Important Message

Source: hollywood

Louis C.K.'s latest episode, "In the Woods," discusses pot in a new ...
Full article at: hollywood Jun 10 2014, 11:33am CDT

Louie: "In the Woods" Review

Source: ign

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow... Instead of spreading a story out over several weeks like with the Amia/Elevator saga, Louis C.K. aired all three parts of "In the Woods" back-to-back (to back), creating one giant 90-minute block of an extremely great, sad, real-feeling PSA about the dangers of repressed emotions. Sure, I could write "the dangers of marijuana," but that's no ...
Full article at: ign Jun 9 2014, 10:48pm CDT


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