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Alcatel-Lucent Develops 300 Mbps DSL

Alcatel-Lucent Develops 300 Mbps DSL
by Robert Evans
FIOS is great, but it's pretty much useless if you live in the middle of a city. Copper lines damn us to the hell of...marginally slower Internet. But not for long. Alcatel-Lucent (via MIT Technology Review) has found a... Read more Apr 22 2010, 10:55am CDT

BlackBerry Prepaid Option Announced

by Shane McGlaun
Alcatel-Lucent announced a new plan today to bring a prepaid option to wireless operators for the BlackBerry platform. The prepaid solution would be customized for BlackBerry smartphones and would be a real-time volume... Read more Feb 13 2008, 8:08am CST

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