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MacBook Pro is $150 off at Best Buy on Black Friday

MacBook Pro is $150 off at Best Buy on Black Friday
The Best Buy Black Friday 2013 ad is here and contains lots of great deals. There are still several days until the actual Black Friday sales start. Enough time to make your shopping list. We think the Best Buy Black Friday 2013 deal below should be on your list.
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Black Friday 2013 Apple Gadget Deals Guide

Black Friday 2013 Apple Gadget Deals Guide
We researched all available Black Friday 2013 Ads and identified the best Apple Black Friday 2013 Deals. We keep updating this Black Friday shopping guide as new Apple deals become available.
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Leaked technical data indicates 40 Gbps transfer rates coming with Thunderbolt 3.0

Source: 9to5Mac

Intel Genevieve Bell Keynote
A new set of leaked tech specs for the third-generation version of Intel’s Thunderbolt technology appearing on VRZone today indicate that “Alpine Ridge” controller will allow double the bandwidth (up to 40 Gbps, versus the current 20), cut the system’s power consumption in half, and even feature a new type of connector that would enable the charging the host computer through the Thunderbolt port at up to 100 watts—enough to easily handle the 85W required for the 15″ MacBook Pro (via Ma ...
Full article at: 9to5Mac 1 day ago, 6:32pm CDT

Review: Updated: 13-inch MacBook Air

Source: TechRadar UK

Intel Genevieve Bell Keynote
Apple's often imitated but never bettered ultra-portable laptop puts in a strong, though not faultless, performance with this mid-2013 release, the sixth-generation of the MacBook Air. It offers significant improvements in its solid state storage speed, graphical power, battery life and wireless capabilities, but the processor's clock speeds actually take a backward step. But as we'll see, for most ...
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Retina MacBook Pro's Intel Iris Graphics Boosts GPU Performance by 50% or More

Retina MacBook Pro's Intel Iris Graphics Boosts GPU Performance by 50% or More
Early benchmark of Apple's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro reveals that its GPU performance is boosted by 50% to 65% due to latest Intel's Iris graphics.
Read more Oct 26 2013, 10:18am CDT

Juiceboxx on Kickstarter Keeps MacBook Chargers from Fraying

Source: The Mac Observer

I love clever ideas, and the folks at Juiceboxx, Inc. have a dandy one in their self-titled product, Juiceboxx on Kickstarter. This is a plastic enclosure for your MacBook Pro or Air charger that gives it more structure for the thin cable that connects to your laptop. As shown in the image and the video, Juiceboxx forms a tunnel that supports the cable and keeps it from fraying. If you've ever ...
Full article at: The Mac Observer Apr 14 2014, 12:44pm CDT

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Haswell saves another Ultrabook: the 2014 Toshiba Kirabook reviewed

Source: Ars Technica

Toshiba's Kirabook is back, this time with a Haswell CPU. Andrew Cunningham Intel's Haswell CPUs have been good to Ultrabook makers. Use them, and you get an essentially "free" battery life boost without sacrificing any performance. Most of the PC OEMs—Acer, Dell, Apple, and Lenovo among them—have simply dropped Haswell processors into lightly-modified versions of their Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks and ca ...
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MacBook Pro 2013 Teardown

MacBook Pro 2013 Teardown
The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro was recently deconstructed. Its inner components were literally weighed in the balance and found wanting. All the media hype by Apple has proven to be more hype and less of a cause for hope.
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