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Crash Victim Marina Keegan's Essays Compiled In New Book

Source: Hartford Courant

Material For 'Opposite of Loneliness' Was Written For Classes, Yale Daily NewsNearly two years after her death in a car accident days after graduating from Yale, Marina Keegan's essays and stories are being published by Scribners in a book released on Amazon this w ...
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The Microphone on the Radio Tower

Source: The Rumpus

Disabled Persons Stage Protest in Kashmir
Marina Keegan died in a car accident just five days after she graduated from Yale University. But her writing lives on, and lends an empathetic voice to the often tedious discussions of millennials. From her posthumous essay, “Song for the special,” in Salon:Every generation thinks it’s special — my grandparents because they remember World War II, my parents because of discos and the moon. We have the Internet. Millions and billions of doors we can o ...
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Posthumous collection of Marina Keegan's essays published

Source: Cape Cod Online

The Scribner publishing company this week released "The Opposite of Loneliness," a posthumous collection of essays and stories by Marina Keegan, who died May 26, 2012, in a rollover crash on Route 6 in ...
Full article at: Cape Cod Online Apr 10 2014, 10:04am CDT

Life Lessons From Marina Keegan's Posthumous Book of Essays

Source: Yahoo! Shine Health

With this week’s publication of “The Opposite of Loneliness,” Marina Keegan’s posthumous collection of essays and stories, comes a gift no one ever fully wants to receive — bright and youthful wisdom from a talent who died way too soon. Keegan was just 22 years old and five days past graduating magna cum laude from Yale University when she was killed in a car accident, on her way to meet her family for her fathe ...
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We're so young

Source: The Chronicle Duke University

Disabled Persons Stage Protest in Kashmir
I vividly remember sitting at the kitchen counter two years ago on that afternoon in the last week of May. Sleep deprivation from a grueling finals week had thankfully given way to the lazier days of mindlessly scrolling, clicking and reading. I was relieved to be done. Sophomore year was now over and the residual aftershocks of my year of the “Why?” were slowly settling in as my new normal. I had just gotten back from watching my older brother g ...
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22-Year-Old Yale Grad's Hopeful Essays Published After Her Tragic Death

Source: The Business Insider

Bundeswehr Holds Alpine Adventure Camp 2014
In a 2011 New York Times essay, Yale University senior Marina Keegan encouraged her peers not to settle for lucrative Wall Street jobs if their true dreams were elsewhere because she didn't want them to squander their talent. “... [S]tudents here have passion. Passion for public service and education policy and painting and engineering and entrepreneurialism,” Keegan wrote. “Standing outside a freshman dorm, I couldn’t find a single student aspiring to be a banker—but at commen ...
Full article at: The Business Insider Apr 7 2014, 3:03pm CDT

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