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Martin Scorsese

Breaking News about Martin Scorsese:

Scorsese's Wolf Of Wall Street: Fifth Column Or Reality?

Scorsese's Wolf Of Wall Street: Fifth Column Or Reality?
My quarrel with The Wolf of Wall Street ain’t with the protagonist, Jordan Belfort, more glutton than carnivore, but...
Read more Jan 7 2014, 2:16pm CST

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J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino Help Keep Film Stock in Production

Source: slash film

Film ain’t dead. It is having a hard time, but that combination of polyester and emulsion that records light with such a warm, natural “feel” still has its adherents. And those acolytes, including major movie industry players such as Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and J.J. Abrams, are doing their bit to maintain an active business relationship between studios and Kodak. Now, dealmaking revelations show that studios, pushed in part by the f ...
Full article at: slash film 37 minutes ago

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New ‘Interstellar’ Trailer Explores the Wonders of Space

Source: slash film

Here’s the second full trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s new film Interstellar. This is what we saw at Comic Con last week, and it shows so much more of the journey into space, and also of the Kubrick influence that plays heavily on parts of the film. We see more of the problems that plague Earth, and which lead to that journey. We also see more of Matthew McConaughey as he explores reaches far away from Earth, and get more of an idea of the tol ...
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Jessica Lange Set For Santa Barbara Film Fest Honor

Source: Deadline

The actress who went from reclining in King Kong’s hand to creeping us out on American Horror Story, picking up a pair of Oscars along the way, will be feted this fall by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Organizers said today that Jessica Lange will receive the ninth annual Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film during a black-tie gala on November 16 in Santa Barbara. Presenters will be revealed in th ...
Full article at: Deadline 5 hours ago

Hate It Or Love It? Mike Tyson Says Jamie Foxx Will Portray Him In Biopic


Is he a good fit???? Jame Foxx Portraying Mike Tyson In New Biopic According to Mike Tyson himself, Jamie Foxx will one day portray him in a biopic. The boxing legend also added that Jamie will use CGI to play him at various stages of his life. The Guardian reports: The former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has claimed that Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is set to play him in a new biopic, through the magic of CGI. Tyson told the Daily Mirror that Foxx would portray him in diffe ...
Full article at: 6 hours ago

WTF: ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Poster Accidentally References 9/11

Source: slash film

The phrase “epic fail” may not be as fashionable as it once was, but sometimes it really is the only way to express just how horribly something has gone wrong. Case in point: Can you come up with a better way to describe a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster that combines exploding building imagery and a 9/11 release date? Yeah, didn’t think so. Gawk at the controversial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 9/11 poster the ju ...
Full article at: slash film 20 hours ago, 5:30pm CDT

Geek Deal: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition on Blu-Ray for Only $37.99

Source: slash film

Amazon is selling The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition) on Blu-ray for only $37.99 (with free shipping), 68% off the $120 msrp. We’re not sure how long this price will last, so act fast! Geek Deal: Up to 73% Off ‘The Twilight Zone’Geek Deal: Planet of the Apes: 5-Film Blu-ray Collection for $17.99 with Dawn Ticket VoucherGeek Deal: Memento: 10th Anniversary Special Edition Blu-ray for Only $6.99Paramount ...
Full article at: slash film 2 days ago, 1:15pm CDT

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New Video Shows Orlando Bloom Punch the Bieber over Miranda Kerr
New Video Shows Orlando Bloom Punch the Bieber over Miranda Kerr
A new video gives a clear view of the punch Orlando Bloom landed on Justin Bieber. Was it over Miranda Kerr?
Dollarbird App Review
Dollarbird App Review
Dollarbird is a cutting-edge finance tracking application that has received quite an applause by the numerous users. It is a far-reaching and dynamic tool for handling your finances and it assists you in placing your money in places that matter. It enables you to effortlessly have a trajectory and make a thorough prognosis about your finances.
Light Flow App Review
Light Flow App Review
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Top 10: The best of Stanley Kubrick

Source: movie pilot

In honor of one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema, who would have been 86 years old today (Kubrick passed away in 1999), I have decided to make my list of the Top 10: The best of Stanley Kubrick films ever. It wasn't hard to come up with ten great Kubrick films, but it was tough to order them because so many of his films are masterworks that continue to evolve over time. Kubrick films are rare in tha ...
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Legendary Announces King Kong Prequel ‘Skull Island’ Movie For 2016 [Comic Con 2014]

Source: slash film

At the end of the Legendary panel, studio head Thomas Tull returned to the stage to thank the fans and show off one last thing. The surprise is the announcement of a new King Kong movie titled Skull Island. Thomas Tull announced that they had “been tinkering around with one thing” and showed us some footage for a project that may be a long way out. The clip started showing a rain storm pouring down over big ...
Full article at: slash film 3 days ago, 3:18pm CDT

Martin Scorsese stars in New Apple iPhone Siri TV Commercial

Martin Scorsese stars in New Apple iPhone Siri TV Commercial
Apple continues to hire Hollywood stars for their Siri commercials.
Read more Jul 24 2012, 4:13am CDT


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